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What is the F.A. Davis PT Collection?  

The F.A. Davis PT Collection on AccessPhysiotherapy is the most comprehensive digital subscription product on the market for educators and physical therapy students. This partnership between F.A. Davis and McGraw-Hill Education brings you a comprehensive online PT resource that covers the entire spectrum of physical therapy—for viewing on any device.

The F.A. Davis PT Collection gives educators the tools needed to train the next generation of PTs, and enables physical therapy students to confidently prepare for their PT professions.

What makes the F.A. Davis PT Collection unique?

The F.A. Davis PT Collection provides unique benefits to physical therapists at every stage of their careers through these exclusive interactive features:

Top-Selling Content—29 F.A. Davis physical therapy references, fully searchable and continuously updated, will now be available on the same digital platform as McGraw-Hill Education’s AccessPhysiotherapy. You now have the opportunity to access market leading products like Dutton’s Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention and O’Sullivan, Physical Rehabilitation all on one digital platform.

Physical Therapy Cases—A wide range of cases designed to help physical therapy students learn in the context of real patients by applying the PT principles to real-life situations. Instead of simply fact memorization, students foster a better understanding of real-life scenarios and patient-therapist interaction.

Extensive Video Library—A robust library of over 400+ videos from leaders in the PT field designed to teach exercise and rehabilitation techniques, kinetics, and physical therapy interventions.