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(vel″ă-men′tŭs) [velamentum] Expanding like a veil, or sheet.


(vē′lăr) [L. velum, a veil] Pert. to a velum or veil-like structure.


(vel′ŭs) [L. vellus, shorn wool, fleece, down] The fine hair present on the body after the lanugo hair of the newborn is gone.


(vē″lō-fă-rin′j(ē-)ăl, vē″lō-far″ĭn-jē′ăl) [velum + pharyngeal] Pert. to the soft palate and the pharynx.

Velpeau, Alfred

(vel-pō′) Alfred-Armand-Louis-Marie Velpeau, Fr. anatomist and surgeon, 1795–1867.

V.’s bandage A special immobilizing roller bandage that incorporates the shoulder, forearm, and arm.

V.’s deformity A deformity seen in the fracture of Colles, in which the lower fragment is displaced backward.


(vē′lŭm, vē′lă) pl. vela [L. velum, an awning, covering, veil] Any veil-like structure.


(vē′nă, vē′nē″) pl. venae [L. vena, blood vessel, vein] A vein. SEE: vein.

v. cava The inferior vena cava or the superior vena cava, the principal venous return trunks to the heart.

v. contracta In fluid dynamics, the narrow area of laminar flow where the velocity of the fluid is fastest. The vena contracta width is measured in echocardiography to determine the severity of a regurgitant lesion across a heart valve.

inferior v. cava The large vein that returns blood to the right atrium from the regions of the body below the diaphragm.

superior v. cava The large unpaired vein that returns blood to the right atrium from the upper body; it is formed by the merger of the right and left brachiocephalic veins, and its main tributary is the azygos vein.

vena caval syndrome

(vē′nă kā′văl) Supine hypotensive syndrome.


(vē″nă-kav-og′ră-fē) [vena cava + -graphy] Radiography of the vena cava during the injection of a contrast medium.

venae comitantes

(vē″nē kō″mĭ-tăn′tēz) [L.] Two or more veins accompanying an artery. They are usually present with the deep arteries of the extremities.


(vē-nā′shŏn, ven-ā′shŏn) The distribution of veins to an organ or structure.


(ven′dŏr) [L. vendor, seller] Any person or company that designs, develops, sells, and/or supports goods or services to or for another party.


(vē″nek-tā′zē-ă, vē″nek-tā′zh(ē-)ă) [vena + ectasia] Varicosity (1).


(vĕ-nēr′) In dentistry, a manmade material, such as porcelain, ...

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