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(ū-rē-thrŏs′kō-pē) An examination of the mucous membrane of the urethra with a urethroscope.


(ū-rē-thrŏs′tō-mē) [″ + stoma, mouth] The formation of a permanent fistula opening into the urethra by perineal section and fixation of the membranous urethra in the perineum.


(ū-rē-thrŏt′ō-mē) Incision of a urethral stricture.


1. A strong desire; a force or a motive that impels action. 2. The need to urinate or defecate.


(ŭr′jĕn-sē) [urgent] A sudden, almost uncontrollable need to urinate.


(ŭr′jĕnt) [L. urgere, to push forward, drive] Requiring a rapid response or intervention; pressing.


(ŭr′jĭ-sent″ĕr) [urge(nt) + center] Emergi-center.


(ŭr-jin′ē-ă) Squill.


upper respiratory infection.


[Gr. ouron, urine + -ia] Suffix meaning presence (of something) in the urine, condition of the urine.


(ū′rĭk) [Gr. ourikos, urine] Of or pert. to urine.


(ū′rĭ-kās″, -kāz″) [uric + -ase] An enzyme present in the liver and kidneys of most mammals, but not humans. This enzyme is capable of oxidizing uric acid into allantoin and carbon dioxide. SYN: urate oxidase.


(ū″rĭ-kō-sū′rē-ă) [″ + ouron, urine] The excessive excretion of uric acid in the urine.


(ū″rĭ-kō-sū′rĭk) Potentiating the excretion of uric acid in the urine.


(ū″rĭ-kō-tel′ik) [uric + Gr. telikos, pert. to the completion] Pert. to animals that excrete amino nitrogen in the form of uric acid. Included in this group are birds and reptiles. SEE: urea cycle; ureotelic.


(ūr′ĭ-dĭn) A nucleoside that is one of the four main riboside components of ribonucleic acid. It consists of uracil and D-ribose.

u. diphosphate A uridine-containing nucleotide important in certain metabolic reactions, in which it transports sugars such as glucose and galactose.


(ū′rĭn-ăl) [L. urina, urine] 1. A container into which one urinates. 2. A toilet or bathroom fixture for receiving urine and flushing it away.

condom u. Condom catheter.


(ū″rĭ-năl′ĭ-sĭs) [″ + Gr. ana, apart, + lysis, a loosening] Analysis of the urine. SEE: urine.

 COLLECTION OF URINE: For a routine urinalysis, a voided specimen of urine in a ...

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