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(trans″doo″ŏ-dē′năl, trans″doo-od′ĕn-ăl) [trans- + duodenal] 1. Through the duodenal lumen. 2. Through the duodenal wall.

transection, transsection

(tran-sek′shŏn) [trans- + section] A cutting made across a long axis; a cross section.

trans fat

SEE: under fat.


(trans-fĕk′shŭn) The infection of bacteria by purified phage DNA.


(trăns″fem′ĭ-nĭn) [L. trans, across, through, beyond; + L. femininus] Male-to-female.


(trans′fĕr) [L. transferre, to carry across] 1. To move from one place to another. 2. The state in which the symptoms of one area are transmitted to a similar area. 3. To move from one position to another, e.g., from a seated to a standing position.

autologous fat t. Fat t.

bilateral t. The ability to learn a motor skill that one had previously mastered with one limb (usually the dominant hand) with the limb on the opposite side of the body (typically, the nondominant hand).

blastocyst t. An assisted reproduction technique in which a zygote created by in vitro fertilization is incubated in the laboratory to the pre-embryonic stage of the blastocyst before being transferred in the uterus.

egg t. The transfer of eggs retrieved from ovarian follicles into the fallopian tubes. SEE: gamete intrafallopian t.

embryo t. Placement of embryos into the uterus through the cervix after in vitro fertilization (IVF) or, in the case of gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), into the fallopian tubes. Fertilization is usually done by placing the sperm and ovum in a special culture tube. SEE: gamete intrafallopian t.; in vitro fertilization; GIFT; surrogate mother.

fat t. The implantation of body fat into locations with irregular body contours, e.g., soft tissue defects or hollows that are left behind after the excision of tumors. The implanted body fat is used to fill the volume of tissue removed during the procedure. Fat transfer is also frequently used to rejuvenate the appearance of the aging face. SYN: autologous fat t.

free-tissue t. Surgical relocation of one part of the body to another in order to repair a visible defect. The body part and its supporting blood vessels are sutured into their new location (often a defect created by trauma or by excision of a malignant tumor).

gamete intrafallopian t. ABBR: GIFT. A procedure to help infertile couples conceive. After ovulation is induced, ova are retrieved from a mature follicle via laparoscopy and are transferred along with sperm to the woman’s fallopian tube to facilitate fertilization. SEE: embryo t.; in vitro fertilization; zygote intrafallopian t.

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