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total joint replacement

Surgical removal of a diseased or injured joint and its replacement with an orthosis. SEE: replacement of knee; total hip replacement.

total nutrient admixture

A comprehensive combination of nutrients given parenterally, including amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.

total ossicular replacement

Reconstruction of damaged or diseased ossicles in the middle ear with a biologically compatible implant.

total oxygen content of blood

The sum of the oxygen bound to hemoglobin plus the oxygen dissolved in the blood.


(tō-tĭp′ō-tĕnt) [L. totus, all, + potentia, power] In embryology, the ability of a cell or group of cells to produce all of the tissues required for development, i.e., the embryonic membranes, the embryo, and finally the fetus.


(tŭch) [Fr. tochier, to knock, strike, touch] 1. To perceive by the tactile sense; to feel with the hands, to palpate. 2. The sense by which pressure on the skin or mucosa is perceived; the tactile sense. SYN: tactile perception. 3. Examination with the hand. SYN: palpation.

 Various disorders may disturb or impair the tactile sense or the ability to feel normally. There are a number of words and suffixes pert. to sensation and its modifications. A few of the more important ones are as follows: algesia, -algia, anesthesia, dysesthesia, -dynia, esthesia, esthesioneurosis, hyperesthesia, paresthesia, and synesthesia.

after-t. Persistence of the sensation of touch after contact with the stimulus has ceased.

healing t. A form of biofield medicine, often compared to therapeutic touch, in which hands-on contact with the patient is combined with other spiritual links made between patient and practitioner. SEE: therapeutic t.

therapeutic t. The practice of running the hands on or above a patient’s body to restore health. It is based on the premise that the human body is a complex system of energy fields, which must be channeled and balanced for optimum health.

vaginal t. Digital examination of the vagina.

vesical t. Digital examination of the bladder.

touch up procedure

A revision of a minor irregularity that remains after a surgical procedure, esp. after a cosmetic or plastic surgery.

de la Tourette, Georges Gilles

(toor-et′) Fr. neurologist, 1857–1904.

T. disorder Tourette syndrome.

T. syndrome A neurological disorder marked by repetitive motor and verbal tics. Those afflicted blink, jerk, grunt, clear their throats, swing their arms, grasp or clasp others, have obsessive-compulsive behaviors, or use verbal expletives uncontrollably. In some instances, those affected can control the urge ...

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