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C8H5Cl3O3, a widely used herbicide and defoliant against broad-leaved plants (weeds). It is contaminated with the carcinogen dioxin during manufacture. It was one of the components of Agent Orange. SYN: 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid. SEE: Agent Orange.


temperature; testosterone; time; intraocular tension.

t, T

temporal; L. ter, three times; tumor.






therapy related; resulting from treatment. It is used in hematology to designate a cancer or leukemia that arises after treatment with cytotoxic drugs or radiation therapy, as in “t-AML” (therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia) or “t-MDS” (therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome).

T1/2, t1/2

In nuclear medicine, the symbol of half-life of a radioactive substance.


Evans blue.

T1, T2, etc.

first thoracic nerve, second thoracic nerve.


A trichothecene mycotoxin. Exposure may produce eye and skin irritation, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, and bleeding.


Terminologia Anatomica.


Symbol for the element tantalum.


(tab′ă-nĭd) [Tabanus] A member of the dipterous family Tabanidae.


(tă-ban′ĭ-dē″) [Tabanus + -idae] A family of insects belonging to the order Diptera. It includes horseflies, gadflies, deer flies, and mango flies, all bloodsucking insects that attack humans and other warm-blooded animals. These flies are of medical importance because they are vectors of the filarial worm Loa loa, tularemia, and other diseases.


(tă-bā′nŭs) [L. tabanus, horse-fly] A genus of flies of the family Tabanidae.


(tă-bel′ă, tă-bel′ē″) pl. tabellae [L. tabella, tablet] A medicated mass of material formed into a small disk. SEE: lozenge; tablet; troche.


(tā′bēz″) [L. tabes, melting, wasting away] A gradual, progressive wasting in any chronic disease.

t. dorsalis A form of neurosyphilis, in which the dorsal roots of sensory nerves are damaged by inflammation. It causes problems in coordinating muscles for voluntary movement and ambulation, e.g., staggering gait, absence of deep tendon reflexes at the ankles, and loss of pain in the lower extremities, interrupted occasionally by flashes of sharp pain (lightning pains). Tabes is frequently seen with the other forms of neurosyphilis, meningitis, and dementia. Physical therapy and teaching are needed ...

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