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(sif″ĭ-lit′ik) [syphilis + -itic] 1. Pert. to or infected with syphilis. 2. A person infected with syphilis.

syphilitic macule

SEE: under macule.

syphiloderm, syphiloderma

(sĭf′ĭl-ō-dĕrm″, sĭf″ĭl-ō-dĕr′mă) [″ + Gr. derma, skin] A syphilitic cutaneous disorder.


(sĭf′ĭ-loyd) [″ + Gr. eidos, form, shape] Resembling syphilis.


(sĭf″ĭl-ŏl′ō-jē) The study of syphilis and its treatment.


(sĭf″ĭl-ō′mă) [″ + Gr. oma, tumor] A syphilitic tumor; a gumma.


(sĭf″ĭl-ō-mā′nē-ă) [″ + Gr. mania, madness] Syphilophobia (1).


(sĭf″ĭl-ō-fō′bē-ă) [″ + Gr. phobos, fear] 1. A morbid fear of syphilis. SYN: syphilomania. 2. A delusion of having syphilis. syphilophobic (-fō′bĭk), adj.


(sēr, sĭr) [L., syrupus] Syrup.

Syrian rue

(sēr′ē-ăn roo) SEE: Peganum harmala.


(sĭr-ĭg′mŭs) [Gr. syrigmos, a whistle] An infrequently used synonym for tinnitus.


(sĭr-ĭng″ă-dē-nō′mă) [Gr. syrinx, pipe, + aden, gland, + oma, tumor] Tumor of a sweat gland.


(sĭ-rinj′, sir′inj) [Gr. syrinx, stem syring-, a panpipe] 1. An instrument for injecting fluids into cavities, tissues, or vessels. SEE: illus. 2. To wash out or introduce fluid with a syringe.




A. plastic; B. piston; C. rubber bulb; D. metallic.


air s. A syringe on a dental unit that delivers compressed air, water, or both through a fine nozzle to clear or dry an area or to evacuate debris from an operative field.

 Use of high pressure may injure the tissues.

asepto s. Bulb s.

bulb s. A hollow rubber bulb that is fitted to a nozzle and delivers air or fluid when squeezed. SYN: asepto syringe; hand syringe.

hand s. Bulb s.

hypodermic s. A syringe, fitted with a needle, used to administer drugs subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

oral s. A syringe made of plastic or glass. It is not fitted with a needle but is graduated and is used to dispense liquid medication to children. The tip is constructed to prevent its breaking in the child’s mouth. An oral syringe may also be used to deliver fluids to impaired patients with an intact swallowing mechanism.

water s. In dentistry, a syringe for delivering water spray to a localized area. The flow, ...

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