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switch therapy

Changing from an intravenous to an oral antibiotic during the management of an infectious disease. SYN: step-down therapy.


Southwest Oncology Group.


[AS. swogan, to suffocate] To faint.


(sī-kō′sĭs, sī-kō′sēz″) pl. sycoses A chronic inflammation of the hair follicles.

 SYMPTOMS: The patient has inflammation of hairy areas of the body marked by an aggregation of papules and pustules, each of which is pierced by a hair. The pustules show no disposition to rupture but dry to form yellow-brown crusts. There is itching and burning. If the disease persists, it may lead to extreme destruction of hair follicles and permanent alopecia. The disease is curable with prolonged treatment, and relapses do occur. Staphylococcus aureus and S. epidermidis entering through hair follicles cause the disease. Trauma and disability are predisposing factors.

s. barbae Sycosis of the beard marked by papules and pustules perforated by hairs and surrounded by infiltrated skin. SYN: barber’s itch; folliculitis barbae. SEE: illus.





herpetic s. Herpes simplex virus infection or reactivation in a bearded portion of the skin.

lupoid s. A pustular lesion of the hair follicles of the beard.

Sydenham chorea

(sid′ĕn-ăm) [Thomas Sydenham, Brit. physician, 1624–1689] A rare neurological syndrome associated with acute rheumatic fever, marked by involuntary dancing movements of the muscles of the trunk and extremities, anxiety and other psychological symptoms, and, occasionally, cognitive disorders. It is not often seen in Western societies because of the prompt and effective treatment of most cases of strep throat.

 TREATMENT: Benzodiazepines, such as diazepam or lorazepam, are given to limit the choreiform movements. Penicillin or another appropriate antibiotic is given to eradicate the streptococcal infection causing the rheumatic fever.

 PROGNOSIS: Recovery usually occurs within 2 to 3 months. Relapses, esp. in

 young women, may occur when oral contraceptives are used or during pregnancy. Other complications, such as congestive heart failure or death, may result from the carditis that accompanies rheumatic fever. SYN: chorea minor.


(sĭl′ă-bŭs) [Gr. syllabos, table of contents] An abstract of a lecture or outline of a course of study or of a book.


(sĭl′vÄĕn) [L. sylva, forest] Living in forests.


(sĭl-văt′ĭk) [L. sylva, forest] 1. Pert. to jungles. 2. Pert. to wild animals.


(sil′vē-ăn) [Sylvi(us) + L. adj. suffix a-anus] 1. Pert. to ...

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