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(ploo-rĭt′ĭk) [Gr. pleuritis, pleurisy] Relating to, or resembling, pleurisy.


(ploo-rī′ tĭs) [Gr.] Pleurisy.


(ploor″ŏ-dē’ sĭs) [pleuro- + -desis] Production of adhesions between the parietal and visceral pleura. It is usually done surgically or by instillation of drugs or chemicals and is used to treat recurrent pneumothorax and malignant pleural effusions.

mechanical p. Rubbing or scrubbing the pleura with a sponge to inflame the parietal and visceral pleura, and healing by forming a scar that unifies them. SYN: pleural abrasion.


(ploo″rō-dĭn′ē-ă) [″ + odyne, pain] Pain of sharp intensity in the intercostal muscles due to chronic inflammatory changes in the chest fasciae; pain of the pleural nerves.


(ploor″ō-per″ĭ-kard′ē-ăl) [pleuro- + pericardial] Pert. to the pleura and pericardium.


(ploo″rō-pĕr″ĭ-kăr-dī′ tĭs) [″ + ″ + ″ + itis, inflammation] Pleuritis accompanied by pericarditis.


(ploor″ō-per″ĭ-tō-nē′ ăl) [pleuro- + peritoneal] Pert. to the pleura and peritoneum.


(ploo″rō-nū-mō′nē-ă) [″ + pneumon, lung] Pleurisy accompanied by pneumonia.


(ploor″ō-pŭl′ mŏ-ner″ē) [pleuro- + pulmonary] Pert. to the pleura and lung.


(ploo″rō-thŏt′ō-nŏs) [Gr. pleurothen, from the side, + tonos, tension] A tetanic spasm in which the body is arched to one side.


(plĕk′sĭ-form) [″ + forma, shape] Resembling a network or plexus.


(plek-sop′ă-thē) [Gr. plēxis, stroke + -pathy] 1. A peripheral neuropathy. 2. Any disease of a (peripheral) nerve plexus.

idiopathic brachial p. A peripheral neuropathy that affects movement and sensation in the shoulder. Idiopathic brachial plexopathy usually results from brachial nerve entrapment by vigorous exercise. It may cause atrophy of the muscles surrounding the shoulder (the shoulder girdle). Nonidiopathic, i.e., readily identifiable, causes of the neuropathy sometimes are found in those with brachial nerve injury caused by tumors or radiation. SYN: neuralgic amyotrophy; Parsonage-Turner syndrome; shoulder girdle syndrome.


(pleks′ŭs) [L., plexus, a braid] An interwoven network of nerves, blood vessels, or lymphatics. SEE: rete.

arterial p. A plexus of anastomosing arteries.

Auerbach p. SEE: Auerbach plexus.

autonomic p. Any of the nerve plexuses of sympathetic or parasympathetic axons, often containing autonomic neurons or ganglia and visceral afferent fibers. The plexuses typically travel on the arteries for which they are named. The large autonomic nerve plexuses are the cardiac, pulmonary, celiac, superior hypogastric, and inferior ...

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