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(par″kĭn-sōn′ē-ăn) Pert. to Parkinson disease and/or its characteristic signs and symptoms.


(par′kĭn-sŏn-izm) A neurological disorder in which a few but not all of the symptoms of Parkinson disease are present.

Parkland formula

(park′ lănd) [Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas, TX] A formula used to compute the approximate need for intravenous hydration in patients who have suffered burns, based on the percent of body surface area that has been injured.

PAR nurse

postanesthesia recovery room nurse.


(pă-rōl’) [Fr. parole, short for parole d’honneur, word of honor] 1. In psychiatry, the release of a patient from the hospital on a trial basis. 2. In the criminal justice system, the release of an prisoner to monitored life in society at large. SYN: community supervision.


(păr-ō-nĭk′ē-ă) [″ + onyx, nail] An acute or chronic infection of the marginal structures about the nail. SYN: felon; runaround; whitlow. SEE: illus.





 SYMPTOMS: The nail edge shows redness, swelling, and suppuration.

 TREATMENT: Therapy may involve moist heat application, oral antibiotics, or surgical drainage.


(par-os′ tē-ăl) [periosteum + -al] Pert. to the outermost layer of the periosteum.

parosteosis, parostosis

(par″os-tē-ō′sĭs, par″os-tō′ sĭs) [″ + osteon, bone, + osis, condition] 1. Bone formation outside of the periosteum. 2. Bone development in an unusual location.


(pă-rŏt″ĭ-dĕk′ tō-mē) [″ + ous, ear, + ektome, excision] Excision of the parotid gland. This procedure is most often performed to excise a malignancy and less often to remove a stone (calculus) that cannot be extracted from Stenson’s duct in the mouth.

PATIENT CARE: The patient’s understanding of the procedure and postoperative care is assessed, including suctioning and the nasogastric tube for drainage. The patient is encouraged to express feelings and anxiety about the surgery and alterations in body image. After surgery, the patient is asked to perform facial movements such as smiling, frowning, and exposing teeth to observe for possible damage to the facial nerve. Pain is managed. Drainage should be observed for excessive bleeding. A patent airway is maintained, and good oral hygiene and nutrition are encouraged.

parotitis, parotiditis

(pă-rŏt″ĭ-dī′tĭs, pă″ rō-tī′ tĭs) [″ + ous, ear, + itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the parotid gland.

granulomatous p. Granulomatous inflammation of the parotid gland, usually due to tuberculosis or sarcoidosis.

suppurative p. Bacterial infection of the parotid ...

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