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(ŏz″mō-tŏk′sĭs′ĭ-tē) [″ + ″] The adverse effects of highly concentrated fluids on body structures. These effects are often observed when radiological contrast media with a dense concentration of solute are injected into the body during imaging procedures. Patients may experience a sense of warmth, have low or high blood pressures, or suffer adverse effects caused by cell membrane dysfunction, e.g., alterations in the flexibility of red blood cell membranes or in the permeability of the lungs to gas exchange.


The outer surface protein A of the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi. It was formerly used as an antigen in Lyme disease immunization.


(os′ă) [L. ossa, bones, pl. of os] Pl. of 2os.


(ŏs′ē-ĭn) [L. ossa, bones] The collagen of bone. It forms the framework of bone.


(os″ē-ō-kart″ĭ-laj′ĭ-nŭs) [2os + cartilaginous] Pert. to bone and cartilage.


(ŏs″ē-ō-fī′brŭs) [″ + fibra, fiber] Composed of bone and fibrous tissue.


(ŏs″sē-ō-ĭn-tĕ-grā′shŭn) The anchoring of prosthetic material into bone.


(ŏs′ē-ŭs) [L. osseus, bony] Bonelike; concerning bones. SYN: bony.

osseous system

The bony structures of the body; the skeleton. SEE: skeleton.

osseous tissue

SEE: under tissue.


(os′ĭ-kĕl) [L. ossiculum, little bone] Any small bone, esp. one of the three bones of the ear. ossicular (o-sik′yŭ-lăr), adj.


(ŏ-sif′ik) [L. os, stem oss-, bone + L. facere, to make] Producing or becoming bone.


(ŏ-sĭf′ĭ-kănz″, kăns″) [L. “bone-making”] Becoming or forming bony growth.


(ŏs″ĭ-fĭ-kā′shŭn) 1. The formation of bone matrix. 2. The replacement of other tissue by bone, esp. during fetal development. SEE: osteogenesis.

endochondral o. The formation of bone in cartilage, as in the formation of long bones, involving the destruction and removal of cartilage and the formation of osseous tissue in the space formerly occupied by the cartilage.

heterotopic o. Formation of bone in injured tissues that do not normally undergo calcification.

intramembranous o. The formation of bone in or underneath a fibrous membrane, such as occurs in the formation of the cranial bones.

pathologic o. The formation of bone in abnormal sites or abnormal development of bone.

periosteal o. The formation of successive thin layers of bone by osteoblasts between the underlying bone or cartilage and the cellular and fibrous ...

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