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(măr-sūʺpē-ăl-ĭ-zāʹshŭn) [L. marsupium, pouch] The process of raising the borders of an evacuated tumor, cyst, or abscess to the edges of the surgical wound and stitching them there to form a pouch. The interior of the sac suppurates and gradually closes by granulation.


(mar-sooʹpē-ŭm, mar-sooʹpē-ă) pl. marsupia [L. marsup(p)ium fr. Gr. marsyp(p)ion a little pouch] A sac or pouch of skin that covers the nipples of a female marsupial and holds its developing young. SEE: marsupial.

MAS, mAs

milliampere second.


(măsʹkū-lĭn) 1. Pert. to the male sex. 2. Having male characteristics. SYN: virile.


(măsʺcū-lĭnʺĭ-zā-shŭn) 1. The normal development of secondary male sex characteristics that occur at puberty. 2. The abnormal development of masculine characteristics in the female. This may be caused by certain testosterone-producing tumors, medication that contains testosterone, or anabolic steroids. SEE: virilization.


(māʹzĕr) Acronym for microwave amplification by stimulation emission of radiation. It is a device that produces a small, nondiverging radiation beam. SEE: laser.


(mask) [Fr. masque, disguise] 1. A covering for the face that serves as a protective barrier. SEE: bag mask device; respirator. 2. The immobile appearance of the face occurring in certain pathological conditions. 3. To conceal or prevent detection. 4. A change in facial pigmentation resulting from pregnancy or from disease.

aerosol m. A mask used for the therapeutic administration of a nebulized solution, humidity, or high airflow with oxygen enrichment. It has a large-bore inlet and an exhalation port.

cloth m. A covering made from household fabrics, used to filter droplets and particles.

face m. 1. A barrier device used in infection control to prevent health care providers from breathing or coughing on patients. It is also employed to prevent patients’ sneezes and sputum from making contact with the health care provider’s face or eyes or from being inhaled. 2. A device that covers the mouth, nose, or both of a patient who requires positive-pressure, noninvasive ventilation or continuous positive pressure-ventilation (CPAP).

high air flow with oxygen enrichment m. ABBR: HAFOE mask. A term applied to Venturi-type devices. SEE: Venturi mask.

Hutchinson m. SEE: under Hutchinson, Sir Jonathan.

luetic m. Blotchy brown pigmentation of cheeks, forehead, and temples, seen in tertiary syphilis.

medical m. SYN: surgical m.

Mikulicz m. SEE: under Mikulicz-Radecki, Johann von.

N95 m. N95 respirator.

nonrebreathing m. An oxygen administration device ...

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