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(lin′ē-ă, lin′ē-ē″) pl. lineae [L. linea, line] An anatomical line.

l. alba 1. A midline stripe of connective tissue in the abdominal wall from sternum to pubis; the white line. It is the raphe of the transverse tendons of the abdominal oblique and abdominal transverse muscles where they meet and interweave along the midline of the rectus abdominis muscle. The linea alba can be seen as a shallow midline groove along the abdominal skin of a lean muscular person, esp. above the level of the umbilicus. A digital exam can palpate the lower end of the internal anal sphincter at the level of the white line. 2. A raised white line on the buccal mucosa along the occlusal plane, often caused by clenching the teeth. No treatment is necessary.

l. aspera A thick longitudinal ridge on the posterior surface of the middle third of the femur. Tendons of the aductor longus and biceps femoris muscles attach along this ridge.

l. semilunaris A gently curving groove in the abdominal skin of a lean, muscular person along the right and the left edges of the rectus abdominis muscle; the semilunar line.


(lĭn′ē-ĭj) A group of individuals, animals, cells, or genes that share a common ancestor.


In cell biology, functionally and structurally limited to behave in a differentiated manner, e.g., like a fibroblast rather than a neuron, a myocyte, or a blood cell.


(lĭn′ē-ăr) [L. linea, line] Pert. to or resembling a line.

linear accelerator

A device that uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to speed up charged particles such as electrons to high energies within a linear tube for use in radiation therapy, the creation of radioisotopes, and research. SYN: linac.


(līn-ē-ăr′ĭ-tē) In radiography, the production of a constant amount of radiation for different combinations of milliamperage and exposure time, commonly used as a quality management benchmark.

line pairs per millimeter

ABBR: lp/mm. A measurement of fine radiographic image detail demonstrated by the number of pairs of lead lines per millimeter that can be imaged.


(līn′ĕr) Anything applied to the inside of a hollow body or structure.

soft l. The material applied to the underside of a denture to provide a soft surface contact with the oral tissues. Some acrylic or silicone resins have been made resilient and are used as liners.


(lĭng′Äĕn-ber-ē) [Swedish lingon] The fruit of the dwarf shrub, vaccinium vitis-idaea, a berry rich in polyphenol antioxidants.



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