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Pert. to development.

developmental delay

An impairment in the performance of tasks or the meeting of developmental milestones that a child should achieve by a specific chronological age. The diagnosis of a developmental delay is made with testing that assesses cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development as well as communication and adaptive skills. SYN: delayed development.

developmental milestone

An achievement or ability that has special importance in the growth, motor functioning, or social development of infants, toddlers, and older children and teens, usually associated with a particular age range, e.g., sitting, crawling, walking, language acquisition.

Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration

A test of visual perception and motor planning requiring the copying of shapes and forms.


[L. deviare, to turn aside] A variation from the accepted norm.


1. A variance from an accepted norm. 2. Something (or someone) that is variant when compared with the statistical norm or a socially accepted standard.


(dē′vē-āt″, dē′vē-āt) [L. deviare, to turn aside] 1. To move steadily away from a designated norm. 2. One whose behavior, esp. sexual behavior, is so far removed from societal norms that it is classed as socially, morally, or legally unacceptable.


(dē″vē-ā′shŏn) [deviate] 1. A departure from the normal. 2. Alteration of a course or direction.

axis d. A shift of the normal electrical vectors of the heart. It is sometimes a result of conduction disease, of enlargement of the chambers of the heart, or of obstructive lung disease.

conjugate d. Deviation of the eyes to the same side.

eye d. In eye muscle imbalance and “crossed eyes,” the abnormal visual axis of the unaligned eye.

minimum d. The smallest deviation that a prism can produce.

skew d. A condition in which one eyeball is directed upward and outward, the other inward and downward.

standard d. ABBR: SD. SYMB: σ. In statistics, the commonly used measure of dispersion or variability in a distribution; the square root of the variance.

d. of tongue Marked turning of the tongue from the midline when protruded, indicative of lesions of the hypoglossal nerve.

ulnar d. A joint abnormality at the metacarpophalangeal joints, resulting from chronic synovitis, and frequently seen in rheumatoid arthritis. In this condition, the long axis of the fingers turns away from the thumb toward the pinky. SYN: ulnar drift.


(di-vīs′) [Fr. devis, contrivance] An apparatus, tool, or machine ...

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