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(joo′sĭng) The conversion of vegetables and fruits into consumable liquids.

Julian date

(jool′yăn) [Julius Caesar, 100–44 B.C., who reformed the Roman calendar in 46 B.C.] In medical records, marking a calendar date by numbering each day of the year from 1 on 1 January to 365 for 31 December (366 on leap years).


(joon) A family of oncogenes that can transform some normal cells, e.g., rat embryo cells, into cancer cells. All members of this family can bind to activating protein-1 (AP-1) sites and to specific DNA sequences. SEE: oncogene; transformation.


(jŭngk′shŏn) [L. junctio, stem junction-, a joining] The place of union or coming together of two parts or tissue layers.

amelodentinal j. Dentinoenamel j.

atrioventricular j. The area of cardiac conduction pathway connecting the AV node with the atrioventricular bundle.

cementodentinal j. The interface of dentin and cementum of the tooth. SYN: dentinocemental j.

cementoenamel j. The line around the tooth that marks the boundary between the crown and root of the tooth; the interface between enamel and cementum.

cervicomedullary j. The nexus between the most superior part of the spinal cord and the medulla oblongata of the brainstem.

costochondral j. The articulation or meeting place of the bony rib and its costal cartilage.

dentinocemental j. Cementodentinal j.

dentinoenamel j. The plane or interface between the dentin of the tooth and the enamel crown. It is a scalloped border at the site of the basement membrane that separates the cell layers that formed the calcified enamel and dentin. SYN: amelodentinal j.

dentogingival j. The interface and zone of attachment between the gingiva and enamel or cementum of the tooth. It holds in place the junctional or attachment epithelium.

liquid j. The point in a potentiometric reference electrode measurement system at which the reference solution makes contact with the test solution. An example is pH reference electrode.

mucocutaneous j. The junction between the skin and a mucous membrane.

mucogingival j. A scalloped, indistinct boundary between the gingiva and the oral mucosa on the alveolar process. The coral color of gingiva may be contrasted with the more vascular oral mucosa. SYN: mucogingival line.

myoneural j. The axon terminal of a motor neuron, synaptic cleft, and sarcolemma of a muscle cell. SYN: neuromuscular j. SEE: illus.





neuromuscular j. Myoneural j.

saphenofemoral j. The ...

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