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guarded prognosis

A prognosis given by a physician when the outcome of a patient’s illness is in doubt.


A legal arrangement by which a person or institution assumes legal responsibility for managing another person’s economic, legal, or medical affairs. When guardians are appointed, the individuals receiving the care are presumed to be incompetent because of very young age, mental illness, grave disability, or dementia. guardian, n.


A body defense method to prevent movement of an injured part, esp. spasm of abdominal muscles when an examiner attempts to palpate inflamed areas or organs in the abdominal cavity.


((g)wī-ū′lē) [Sp. guayule fr. Nahuatl cuauholli, rubber tree] A flowering shrub (Parthenium argentatum) native to the deserts of Texas and Mexico. It is used to make hypoallergenic latex.


(goo″bĕr-nak′yŭ-lŭm, goo″bĕr-nak′yŭ-lă) pl. gubernacula [L. gubernaculum, helm, rudder] 1. A structure that guides. 2. A cordlike structure uniting two structures.

Guéneau de Mussy point

(gā-nō′ dĕ-musē″) [Noël-François-Odon Guéneau de Mussy, Fr. physician, 1813–1885.] The point at the junction of a line extending down from the left border of the sternum with a horizontal line at the level of the bony part of the anterior portion of the tenth rib. Pressure on this point causes pain in cases of diaphragmatic pleurisy.

guggul, guggal

(goog′gool″) A shrub (Commiphora wightii or C. mukul) that grows commonly in northern India and surrounding countries. Its resin is used in Ayurvedic medicine in the form of an extract that has been promoted as an anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering agent, but its effectiveness is unproven.


(gīd′ăns) Helping, instructing, coaching, or counseling, e.g., a patient or client.

anticipatory g. Guidance about normal expectations of an age group (or of a disease) to provide support for coping with problems before they arise. It is a component of many health care encounters, e.g., well-child checkups in infancy.

imaging g. The use of computed tomography, fluoroscopy, magnetic resonance, or ultrasonography to direct an object to a specific location inside the human body. SYN: radiological guidance.

radiological g., radiologic g. Imaging g.

vocational g. Guidance for people in finding jobs or careers that match their skills, needs, and interests.


A mechanical aid or device that assists in setting a course or directing the motion either of one’s hand or of an instrument one holds.


An instructional guide or reference to indicate a course of action in a specified situation, e.g., critical ...

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