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(kar″sĭn-ō″mă-tō′sĭs, ′sēz) pl. carcinomatoses [carcinoma + -osis] Widespread dissemination of carcinoma in the body. SYN: carcinosis.


(kăr″sĭ-nō-săr-kō′mă) [″ + sarx, flesh, + oma, tumor] A malignant tumor containing the elements of both carcinoma and sarcoma.

embryonal c. A malignant germ-cell tumor derived from embryonic cells.


(kăr″sĭ-nō′sĭs) [″ + osis, condition] Carcinomatosis.

cardamom, cardamon

(kăr′dă-mŭm) [Gr. kardamomon] The dried ripe fruit of an herb, Elettaria repens or E. cardamomum. It is used as an aromatic and carminative.

Cardarelli sign

(kar″dă-rel′ē) [Antonio Cardarelli, Italian physician, 1831–1926] Pulsating movement of the trachea to one side. It may be present with thoracic aortic aneurysm.


(kard′ē-ă) [Gr. kardia, heart] That part of the stomach connecting with the esophagus. cardial (kard′ē-ăl), adj.


[Gr. kardia, heart] Suffix meaning location or action of the heart, esp. when it is anomalous or undesirable. SEE: -cardium.


Pl. of -cardium.


(kăr′dē-ăk) [L. cardiacus] 1. Pert. to the heart. 2. Pert. to the cardia.

cardiac calcium score

A measurement of the amount of calcium present on CT scanning of the coronary arteries. It is a radiological marker of coronary artery atherosclerosis. A high score (>400) predicts a high coronary artery atherosclerotic burden. Patients with scores in this range should promptly undergo some form of stress testing. A score between 100 and 399 predicts moderately high risk of coronary events. People with scores in this range should actively modify cardiac risk factors. Scores between 11 and 99 indicate some atherosclerosis; patients in this range should have regular follow up and management of cardiac risk factors. Scores between 1 and 10 suggest less than 10% probability of coronary artery disease. A score of 0 implies that there is no calcified plaque within the coronary arteries.

cardiac club

A support group for people who have all experienced the same heart disease or the same treatment for heart disease.

cardiac compensation

SEE: under compensation.

cardiac failure

SEE: under failure.

cardiac output

SEE: under output.

cardiac output, decreased

Inadequate blood pumped by the heart to meet the metabolic demands of the body. SEE: Nursing Diagnoses Appendix.

c., risk for Inadequate blood pumped by the heart to meet the ...

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