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(bū″fō-tŏks′ĭn) [L. bufo, toad, + Gr. toxikon, poison] A general term for any toxin present in the skin of a toad.


(bŭg) 1. A colloquial term for any small insect or arthropod, esp. of the order Hemiptera, that has sucking mouth parts, incomplete metamorphosis, and two pairs of wings, the fore pair being half membranous. SEE: bedbug; chigger. 2. A colloquial term for a disease-causing germ or microorganism.

assassin b. Any member of the family Reduviidae. Many are predaceous; others are bloodsucking. Panstrongylus, Triatoma, and Rhodnius are vectors of Chagas disease. SEE: conenose; trypanosomiasis.

kissing b. Conenose.

red b. Chigger.


(bŭg′bān″) Black cohosh.


(bū′gĕl-wēd″) A perennial herb of the genus Lycopus, principally found in moist habitats in Europe and North America. It is used mainly in homeopathic remedies for cardiac and thyroid disorders. It contains cardiac glycosides and iodine.


1. The accumulation of a substance in cells or tissues. 2. In treatment protocols, any graded increase in the dose of a medication given over days, weeks, or months.

built-up handle

The portion of an implement that has been increased in diameter to accommodate its use by people with limited or weak grasp.


(bŭlb) [L. bulbus, bulbous root, fr Gr. bolbos, truffle (?)] 1. Any rounded or globular structure. 2. Medulla (3).

aortic b. The dilated portion of the truncus arteriosus in the embryo that gives rise to the roots of the aorta and pulmonary arteries.

duodenal b. The upper duodenal area just beyond the pylorus.

end b. The enlarged bulb of the end of an axon.

hair b. The expanded bulb at the lower end of the hair root. The growth of a hair results from the proliferation of cells of the hair bulb.

b. of the eye Eyeball.

olfactory b. An anterior enlargement of the olfactory tract.

b. of the penis The proximal enlarged bulb of the corpus spongiosum found between the two crura of the penis. SYN: bulbus penis.

b. of the urethra Urethral b.

urethral b. The posterior bulb of the corpus spongiosum found between the two crura of the penis. SYN: bulb of the urethra; bulbus corpus spongiosum.

b. of the vestibule Vestibular b.

vestibular b. One of the two sacculated collections of veins, lying on either side of the vagina beneath ...

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