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bowel sounds

SEE: under sound.

bowel training

SEE: under training.


(bō′leg″) Valgus knee.

Bowman, Sir William

(bō′man) Brit. anatomist, physiologist, and ophthalmologist, 1816–1892.

B.’s capsule Part of the renal corpuscle. It consists of a visceral layer of podocytes closely applied to the glomerulus and an outer parietal layer. SYN: glomerular capsule. SEE: kidney for illus.

B.’s membrane The thin homogeneous membrane separating the corneal epithelium from the corneal substance. SYN: anterior elastic lamina; Bowman lamina.

box and block test

A standardized, timed test of manual dexterity and endurance, used in rehabilitation, in which the subject transfers small blocks from one side of a box to another.

box-and-whiskers plot, box and whiskers plot

A graph representing data in quartiles, in which the data points above the 25th percentage and below the 75th are included in a box, the data points below the 25th percentage and above the 75th are represented by lines (whiskers) below and above the box, and the median is shown by a line within the box. The median is the value that has an equal number of data points above it and below it.


(bok′sing) In dentistry, the building up of vertical walls, usually in wax, around an impression to produce the desired size and form of the base of the cast and to preserve certain landmarks of the impression.

box jellyfish

Any of several species of jellyfish of the class Cubozoa, found largely in the tropical Indian and Pacific Oceans, and known for their extremely lethal venom. SEE: Cubozoa; Irukandji syndrome; sea wasp.


In emphysema, a hollow sound heard on percussion.

Boyle law

(boylz) [Robert Boyle, Brit. physicist, 1627–1691] A law stating that, at a constant temperature, the volume of a gas varies inversely with the pressure.


blood pressure; British Pharmacopoeia.


boiling point; base pair.


biparietal diameter; bronchopulmonary dysplasia.


benign prostatic hyperplasia; benign prostatic hypertrophy


beats per minute (of a pulse).


Biophysical profile.




(brās) 1. Any of a variety of devices used in orthopedics for holding joints or limbs in place. ...

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