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(ot″ō-in-fū′zhŏn) [auto- + infusion] Returning blood or body fluids from blood vessels, cavities, or surgical fields to the patient.


(ot″ō-in-jek′tŏr) [auto- + injector] A syringe that contains a spring-loaded needle with a preloaded dose of medication. When forced against the body with a stabbing motion, the device activates and administers a calculated dose of medication. Autoinjectors are commonly used for self-administration of epinephrine (to mitigate anaphylaxis); by migraine sufferers (to achieve prompt relief of headache); or by military and emergency services workers to combat the effects of nerve agents.


(ot″ō-in-ok″yŭ-lā′shŏn) [auto- + inoculation] Inoculation with organisms already present in the body.


(ot″ō-in-tok″sĭ-kā′shŏn) [auto- + intoxication] Endogenous toxicosis.


(ot″ō-ī-sol′ĭ-sĭn, -ī″sō-lī′) [auto- + iso- + lysin] An antibody that causes dissolution of cells of the individual from which it was obtained and of other individuals of the same species.


(ot″tō-ker′ă-tō-plas″tē) [auto- + keratoplasty] Grafting of corneal tissue taken from the patient’s other eye.


(ot″ō-kĭ-nē′sĭs) [auto- + kinesis] Voluntary movement. SYN: autocinesia. autokinetic (-net′ik), adj.

visual a. The illusion that an object in space, esp. at night, moves as one continues to look at it. Thus, an aviator looking at a distant light may perceive that the light has moved even though it is stationary.


(o-tol′ŏ-gŭs) [auto- + (homo)logous] Originating within an individual, esp. a factor present in tissues or fluids.

autologous chondrocyte implantation

SEE: under implantation.

autologous chondrocyte transplantation

Autologous chondrocyte implantation.

autologous endometrial coculture

(kō′kŭl″chŭr) An assisted reproduction technique in which a zygote created by in vitro fertilization is incubated in endometrial tissue harvested from an infertile woman’s uterus through the preembryonic period before transfer.


(o-tol′ĭ-sĭs) [auto- + lysis] 1. The self-dissolution or self-digestion that occurs in tissues or cells by enzymes in the cells themselves, as occurs after death and in some pathological conditions. 2. Hemolysis. autolytic (ot″ŏ-lit′ik), adj.


(ot″ŏ-lī′sŏ-sōm″) [auto- + lysosome] Any of the lysosomes that enable digestion of injured portions of the cell in which they are located.

automated decision support system

1. Software used in clinical medicine to suggest diagnoses and treatments based on the clinical data and algorithms for their interpretation. 2. Any computer system that supports ...

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