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(ă-nom′ē-ă, -nō-mē-) [1an- + L. nom(en), name + -ia] Inability to remember names of objects.

anomie, anomy

(an′ŏ-mē) [Fr. from Gr. anomia, lawlessness] A condition similar to alienation. The individual feels there has been a disintegration of his or her norms and values. According to the French sociologist Emile Durkheim, such individuals were prone to take their lives because of the anxiety, isolation, and alienation that they experience. anomic (ă-nom′ik, ă-nō′mik), adj.


(an″ŏ-nik′ē-ă) [1an- + Gr. onyx, nail + -ia] Absence of the nails.


(ă-non″ĭ-mĭ-zā′shŏn) Deidentification. anonymize (ă-non′ĭ-mīz″), v.


(ă-non′ĭ-mŭs) [Gr. anōnymos, nameless] 1. Unidentified or unnamed. 2. Shielded from the view of others; private.

anonymous testing

Confidential testing for the presence of a disease or condition, e.g., for hepatitis or pregnancy.


(ā″nō-per-ĭ-nē′ăl) [anus + perineal] Pert. to both the anus and perineum.


(ă-nof′ĕ-lēz″) [Gr. anophelēs, harmful, useless] A genus of mosquitoes belonging to the family Culicidae, order Diptera. It is a vector of many infectious diseases, including malaria, dengue, and filariasis.

A. koliensis A species found primarily in Indonesia and the Solomon Islands that is an important vector of malaria and filarial diseases.

A. stephensi A species found primarily on the Indian subcontinent and a vector for falciparum malaria.


(an″ŏf-thal′mē-ă) [1an- + ophthalmo- + -ia] Congenital absence of one or both eyes. SYN: anopia(1).


(ā′nŏ-plas″tē) [anus + -plasty] Reconstructive surgery of the anus.


(an″ŏ-ploor′ă) [Gr. anoplos, unarmed + Gr. oura, tail] Blood-feeding ectoparasites of mammals. They can cause localised skin irritations and are vectors of several blood-borne diseases, e.g., trench fever, epidemic typhus, epidemic relapsing fever. SEE: louse; pediculosis.


(ă-nop′sē-ă) [1an- + -opsia] 1. Hyperphoria. 2. Inability to use the vision, as occurs in strabismus, cataract, or refractive errors or in those confined in the dark.

anorchidism, anorchia, anorchism

(ă-nor′kĭ-dizm, -nor′kē-ă, -nor′kizm) [1an- + -orchid + -ism] Congenital absence of one or both testes.


(ā″nō-rek′tăl) [anus + rectal] Pert. to both the anus and rectum.

anorectic, anoretic

(an″ŏ-rek′tik, an″ŏ-ret′ik) [Gr. anorektos, having no appetite] 1. Having no appetite. SYN: anorexic. 2. Anorexic. (2) 3. Causing a ...

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