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(hĭs″tĕr-ē′sĭs) [Gr., a coming too late] 1. The failure of related phenomena to keep pace with each other. 2. The failure of the manifestation of an effect to keep up with its cause. 3. The difference between inflation and deflation of the lung, shown as a pressure volume difference.


(his-ter′ē-ă, his-tēr′ē-ă) [hyster(ic) + -ia] An obsolete, now pejorative term used in popular speech to mean a conversion reaction or a widely fluctuating expression of emotions.

NOTE: Currently accepted nomenclature for mental disorders does not include the term hysteria; it is included here for historical reasons. SEE: mass psychogenic illness; somatization disorder.

SYMPTOMS: Symptoms include emotional instability, sensory disturbances, loss of motor function, or other disorders.

ETIOLOGY: It may be related to emotional or physical stress.

TREATMENT: Rest and reassurance are cornerstones of management.

anxiety h. Hysteria combined with an anxiety neurosis.

epidemic h. Mass sociogenic illness.

major h. Agitated behavior, sometimes accompanied by pseudoseizures.

mass h. Mass sociogenic illness.


(his-ter′ik) [L. hystericus fr Gr. hysterikos, pert. to pain or suffering in the womb (therefore affecting only women)] A person affected with hysteria.


(his-ter′ĭ-kăl) 1. Pert. to or affected with hysteria. 2. A colloquial term for extremely amusing; hilarious.

hystero-, hyster-

[Gr. hystera, womb] Prefixes meaning uterus or hysteria. SEE: metro-; utero-.


(his′tĕ-rō-gram″) [hystero- + -gram] A radiograph of the uterus after injection of a contrast medium. It has been replaced by ultrasound.


(his″tĕ-rog′ră-fē) [hystero- + -graphy] A recording of the frequency and intensity of contractions of the uterus.


(his″tĕ-rom′ĕ-trē) [hystero- + -metry] Measurement of the size of the uterus.


(his″tĕ-rō-mī-ō′mă) [hystero- + -myoma] A myoma or fibromyoma of the uterus.


(his″tĕ-rō-sal″pin″gog ră-fē, his″tĕ-rō-sal″ping″gog′ră-fē) [hystero- + salpingography] ABBR: HSG. Radiography of the uterus and oviducts after injection of a contrast medium. This procedure is sometimes used to clear the fallopian tubes, but ultrasound provides superior imaging.


(his′tĕ-rō-skōp″) [hystero- + -scope] An instrument for examining the uterine cavity.


(his″tĕ-ros′kŏ-pē) [hystero- + -scopy] Inspection of the uterus with a hysteroscope.


(his-tĕ-rot′ŏ-mē) [hystero- + ...

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