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hyalo-, hyal-

[Gr. hyalos, glass] Prefixes meaning glass or resembling glass.


(hī″ă-lō-hī″fō-mī-kō′sĭs) [″ + Gr. hyphos, hyphe, web, net +] A cutaneous or subcutaneous infection caused by a fungus that does not produce dark pigments. SEE: phaeohyphomycosis.


(hī′ă-loyd) [″ + eidos, form, shape] Hyaline.


(hī′ă-lō-mēr″) The peripherally located region of a platelet that stains light blue.


(hī″ă-lom′ă) A genus of hard-bodied ticks of the family Ixodidae, found in Asia, parts of Africa and North America. The ticks are vectors of many diseases, including viral diseases (such as Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever), and rickettsial diseases (such as the spotted fevers). SEE: Ixodidae.


(hī″ă-lō′sĭs) [hyalo- + -sis] Pathological changes in the vitreous humor of the eye.

asteroid h. A benign condition in which small opaque bodies are dispersed in the vitreous humor. Patients rarely complain of decreased vision, but deposits can be so numerous as to make view of the ocular fundus difficult on examination.


(hī″ăl-ū-rōn′ĕn) Hyaluronic acid.


(hī″ă-lūr-ŏn′ĭ-dās) An enzyme that disrupts or destroys the extracellular framework of body tissues. It is found in many animal tissues and can be synthesized for therapeutic use. In the testes and the acrosomes of spermatozoa, along with other acrosomal enzymes, it degrades the hyaluronic acid in the corona radiata, facilitating the entry of sperm. In malignant tumors, it participates in the invasion of cancer cells through the basement membranes of blood vessels. It is also a component of the venoms of several animals (including vipers, stonefish, and bees and wasps) and contributes to the tissue destruction that may follow bites or stings from these animals. Some infectious bacteria that invade fascial planes, e.g., Clostridia, release it as an exotoxin.

USES: Synthetic hyaluronidase can be used to facilitate diffusion of injected local anesthetics, e.g., in cataract surgery.


(hī′brĭd) [L. hybrida, mongrel] The offspring of genetically distinct parents.

hybrid capture test

HPV DNA test.

hybrid coronary artery revascularization

SEE: under revascularization.


(hī′brĭd-ī-zā′shŭn) The production of hybrids by crossbreeding.


(hī″brĭ-dō′mă) A cell produced by the fusion of a spleen cell from a mouse immunized with a specific antigen and a human multiple myeloma cell (a cancerous plasma B cell that makes antibodies). After the fusion, cells are screened to identify those capable of producing a continuous supply of monoclonal ...

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