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(glaw-kō′mă-tŭs) Pert. to glaucoma.

Glaucomys volans

(glok′ŏ-mis″vō′lanz″) A species of nocturnal, arboreal rodent, native to eastern North America and Central America, and often heavily infested with ectoparasites, such as Rickettsial species, which cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and rickettsialpox. SYN: southern flying squirrel.


gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, intersex (an abbreviation for those who do not identify themselves as heterosexual.)


gas-liquid chromatography.

Gleason score, Gleason grade

(glē′sŏn) [Donald F. Gleason, U.S. pathologist, 1920–2008] A measure of the cellular differentiation of prostate cancers that uses the microscopic appearance of biopsied tissue to determine the tumor grade and stage.

Glechoma hederacea

(glē-kō′ma hed″ĕrā′shē-ă) SEE: ground ivy.


(glē″nō-hūm′ĕ-răl, glen″ō-hūm′ĕ-răl) [Gr. glēnē, pupil (of the eye), eyeball, doll + humeral] Pert. to the humerus and the glenoid cavity.


(glē′noyd″, glen′oyd″) [Gr. glēnē, pupil (of the eye), eyeball, doll + -oid] Looking like a socket.


(glī′ă, glē′ă) [Gr. glia, glue] The interstitial and supporting tissue of the nervous system. The tissue is of ectodermal origin and includes astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, satellite cells, ependymal cells, and Schwann cells. SYN: gliocyte; neuroglia.


(glī′ă-dĭn) A water-insoluble glycoprotein present in the gluten of wheat. It is deficient in the essential amino acid lysine. The sticky mass that results when wheat flour and water are mixed is due to gliadin. In some individuals the intestinal mucosa lacks the ability to digest this substance, which therefore damages the intestinal lining and causes gluten-induced enteropathy.


(glī′ăl) Pert. to glia.


(glī″sent′ĭn) A 69–amino acid peptide derived from proglucagon. It can be found in alpha and L-cells. It inhibits gastric acid secretion, stimulates insulin secretion by the pancreas, regulates intestinal motility, and fosters the growth of intestinal mucosal cells.


1. To move in a smooth, virtually frictionless manner. 2. Movement in a smooth, virtually frictionless manner. 3. A joint mobilization technique in which the clinician applies a force to move bones in a direction parallel to the treatment plane. This technique is used to maintain or increase joint play. 4. The smooth movement of acoustic frequencies, e.g., in audible speech.

mandibular g. The movement of the mandible in any direction as the teeth come into contact.


(glī″ō-blăs-tō′mă) [glia + blast- + -oma] A neuroglial cell tumor. SYN: glioma.


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