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(fŭl′krŭm) The object or point on which a lever moves.


(fŭl′gū-rănt) [L. fulgurare, to lighten] Coming and going intensely like a flash of light, or a shooting pain. SYN: fulminant.


(ful′gyŭ-rāt″) [L. fulgurare, to flash, glitter] To destroy or remove tissue by fulguration. SEE: fulguration.


(ful″gyŭ-rā′shŏn) [L. fulgurare, to flash, glitter] Destruction of tissue by heat-producing long high-frequency electric sparks. SEE: electrodesiccation.

full body CT scanning

Whole body CT scanning.

fuller's earth

(ful′ĕrz) [Ult. fr. L. fullo, a cleaner of cloth, a fuller] Clay that is similar to kaolin. It is used as an absorbent, as a filler in textiles, and in cosmetics.


(ful′ing) A form of massage in which the hands move along a muscle, widening outward as they move away from the masseur's body, and then lifting the muscle as they return.


(ful′tĕrm′) In obstetrics, pert. to an infant born between the beginning of the 38th and the end of the 41st week of gestation.


(ful′thik′nĕss) Pert. to a burn, flap, or graft consisting of the epidermis and the entire depth of the dermis.

full width half maximum

ABBR: FWHM. The width of a peak or the bandpass of an emission or absorption spectrum in a laboratory photometer or spectrophotometer. When combined with other characteristics of the device, this can be used to predict suitability of the photometer or spectrophotometer for specific applications and measurements.


(fool′mĭ-nănt, fŭl′) [L. fulminare, to hurl lightning] 1. Having a rapid and severe onset. 2. Coming in lightning-like flashes of pain, as in tabes dorsalis. SYN: fulgurant.


To occur suddenly; to have a rapid or explosive onset. Said of some diseases.


(fū″mā-jĭl′ĭn) A molecule produced by fungi that prevents new blood vessel formation ("angiogenesis"), and may be useful in treating cancers.


(fū′mă-rās) An enzyme present in many plants and animals. It catalyzes the production of L-malic acid from fumaric acid.

fume hood

An enclosed, ventilated space used in a laboratory to contain and exhaust aerosols, chemicals, dusts, microbes, powders, vapors, and other inhalational hazards.


[L. fumus, smoke] Vapors, esp. those with irritating qualities.

nitric acid f. The vapors of nitric acid (HNO3). ...

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