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fiberglass, fiber glass

(fī′bĕr-glas″) Material made from fine fibers of glass and having many industrial uses, e.g., as insulation. The fibers are irritating and potentially damaging to the skin and lungs. Fiberglass is used in health care in the construction of orthopedic casts and splints. SYN: fibrous glass.

fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing

ABBR: FEES. A bedside diagnostic test to evaluate dysphagia. In the procedure a small endoscope is advanced through the nasal passages to the back of the throat, where it can directly visualize the movement of foods through the esophagus (or, in cases of aspiration, into the larynx or lower airways). The test is esp. useful in debilitated or intensive care patients who may not be able to swallow barium in the radiology suite for videofluoroscopy.

fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing with sensory testing

ABBR: FEESST. A fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) test in which pulses of air are used to assess the responsiveness of the laryngeal muscles to stimulation.


(fī″bĕr-op′tiks) [fiber + optics] SEE: fiber optics. fiber-optic (fī″bĕr-op′tik), adj.


(fī′bĕr-skōp) A flexible endoscope that uses fiberoptics for visualization.


(fī′bră, fī′brē″, fī′brī″) pl. fibrae [L. fibra, filament, fiber] A fiber. SEE: fiber.


(fī′brāt″) Any of a class of carboxylic acid compounds commonly used as lipid-lowering medications, including gemfibrozil and fenofibrate, that primarily reduce levels of triglycerides. Medications of this class have a minor impact on low-density and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. SYN: fibric acid derivative.


(fī-brē′mē-ă) [″ + Gr. haima, blood] Fibrin formed in the blood, causing embolism or thrombosis. SYN: inosemia.

fibric acid derivative

(fī′brik) Fibrate.


(fī′brĭl, fib′rĭl) [L. fibrilla, a small fiber] 1. A small fiber. 2. A very small filamentous structure, often the component of a cell or a fiber.

nerve f. Neurofibril.


(fī-bril′ă, fī-bril′ē) pl. fibrillae [L. fibrilla, a small fiber] A small fiber; a fibril. SEE: fibril.

fibrillar, fibrillary

(fīb′rĭ-lăr, fīb′rĭ-ler″ē) Pert. to or consisting of fibrils.


(fī′brĭ-lāt″ĕd, fib′rĭ-lāt″ĕd) [L. fibrilla, little fiber] Composed of fibrils (minute fibers).


(fib″rĭ-lā′shŏn, fīb″rĭ-lā′shŏn) [fibrilla] 1. Formation of fibrils. 2. Quivering or spontaneous contraction of individual muscle fibers. 3. An abnormal bioelectric potential occurring in neuropathies and myopathies.

atrial f. ABBR: AF. The most common cardiac dysrhythmia, affecting ...

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