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Costen syndrome

[James B. Costen, U.S. otolaryngologist, 1895–1961] Temporomandibular joint syndrome.

cost minimization

The selection or employment of the least expensive of several health care options.


(kŏs″tō-sĕr′vĭ-kăl) Concerning the ribs and neck.


(kŏs″tō-kŏn′drăl) [L. costa, rib, + Gr. chondros, cartilage] Pert. to a rib and its cartilage.


(kos″tŏ-kon-drīt′ĭs) [cost- + chondritis] Inflammation of the costochondral joints of the chest, which can cause chest pain. The pain of costochondritis can sometimes be distinguished from other, more serious forms of chest pain by its reproducibility on palpation of the involved joints and the absence of abnormalities on chest x-ray examinations, electrocardiograms, and blood tests. SYN: Tietze syndrome. SEE: arthritis.

SYMPTOMS: Symptoms include pain and tenderness over the joints lateral to the sternum.

TREATMENT: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents often help reduce the discomfort, which normally resolves spontaneously over time.


(kŏs″tō-klă-vĭk′ū-lăr) [″ + clavicula, a little key] Pert. to the ribs and clavicle.


(kŏs″tō-nū′mō-pĕk″ sē) [″ + Gr. pneumon, lung, + pexis, fixation] Anchoring a lung to a rib.


(kŏs″tō-stĕr′năl) [″ + Gr. sternon, chest] Pert. to a rib and the sternum.


(kŏs′tō-tōm) [″ + Gr. tome, incision] Knife or shears for cutting through a rib or cartilage.


(kŏs-tŏt′ō-mē) 1. Incision or division of a rib or part of one.


(kŏs″tō-vĕr′tĕ-brăl) [″ + vertebra, joint] Pert. to a rib and a vertebra.

cost sharing

An approach to health insurance in which the insured party pays for some of the services received, and the insurance sponsor, usually an employer, pays the rest. Methods of sharing costs between the insured and the sponsor include copayments, deductibles, and annual out-of-pocket expenses.


(kō″sĭn-trō′pĭn) Synthetic adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). It is used to test for adrenal insufficiency by giving the medication parenterally and checking plasma cortisol levels at timed intervals. If the levels fail to rise appropriately, adrenal insufficiency is present. Trade name is Cortrosyn.

cosyntropin stimulation test

ACTH stimulation test.


certified occupational therapy assistant.


[Abbr. of c(ardiac) o(utput), as measured by the t(hermo)d(ilution) of blood] An invasive method of measuring cardiac output that relies ...

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