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Wobe-Mugos E

A mixture of enzymes, including chymotrypsin and trypsin (obtained from cow and pig pancreas) and papain (from papaya) used as anti-inflammatory and anticancer treatments, esp. in the treatment of multiple myeloma.


(vōl″fart′ē-ă) [Peter Wohlfahrt, Ger. author, 1675–1726] A genus of flies parasitic in animal tissue, belonging to the family Sarcophagidae, order Diptera. SEE: Sarcophagidae.


(wōl-bak′ē-ă) A genus of bacteria that live only inside the cells of host insects. They have been associated with the blindness caused by Onchocerca volvulus and other microfiliarial infections.

wolffian body

(wool′fē-ăn) SEE: under body.

Wolff law

(volf) [Julius Wolff, Ger. anatomist and surgeon, 1835–1902] A law that states that bones structurally adapt to the specific forces acting on them.

Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

(wŏlf′păr′kĭn-sŏn-wīt′) [Louis Wolff, U.S. cardiologist, 1898–1972; Sir John Parkinson, Brit. physician, 1885–1976; Paul Dudley White, U.S. cardiologist, 1886–1973] ABBR: WPW. A disease manifested by occasional episodes of potentially life-threatening tachycardia, in which there is an abnormal electrical pathway in the heart connecting the atria to the ventricles.

ETIOLOGY: In some families, the disease is transmitted as an autosomal dominant trait.

DIAGNOSIS: In electrocardiography, the P-R interval is less than 0.12 sec and the QRS complex is widened as a result of an initial electrical deflection, called the delta wave.

TREATMENT: Ablation of the abnormal accessory pathway cures about 92% of patients. SEE: pre-excitation, ventricular.


(wool′frăm) [Ger. Wolfram, tungsten] SYMB: W. Tungsten.


(wŏlfs′bān) Common name for several species of Aconitum, a genus of highly toxic, hardy perennials. Also called monkshood. SEE: aconite.


Western Ontario McMaster Osteoarthritis Index.


An adult human female.


(woom) [AS. wamb] Uterus.

Women's Health Initiative

ABBR: WHI. A 15-year study of the most common causes of death and disability in postmenopausal women. Website:

Wood's rays

(wŭdz) [Robert Williams Wood, U.S. physicist, 1868–1955] Ultraviolet rays; used to detect fluorescent materials in the skin and hair in certain disease states such as tinea capitis. The terms Wood's light and Wood's lamp have become synonymous with Wood's rays, even though these are misnomers.


(wud′rŭf) A low-growing, hardy perennial herb (Galium odoratum or, alternatively, Asperula odorata) used in herbal medicine to treat nervousness, insomnia, and cardiac irregularity. Liver damage ...

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