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(ăn-hī′drŭs) [1an- + hydrous, water] Lacking water. It is usually used with reference to water that could be present as an absorbed species rather than the water of crystallization.


(ăn-ē-ăn′thĭn-ŏp″sē) [″ + ianthinos, violet, + opsis, vision] Inability to recognize violet or purple.


(ăn″ĭk-tĕr′ĭk) [″ + ikteros, jaundice] Without jaundice.


(an′ĭ-lĭn) [Ult. fr. Sanskrit nīlī, indigo plant] The simplest aromatic amine, C6H7N; an oily, toxic liquid derived from benzene. It is a precursor of acetaminophen and is used to manufacture several other drugs. SYN: aminobenzene; phenylamine.

aniline blue

(an′ĭ-lĭn) A histological stain that highlights collagen.

anilinism, anilism

(an′ĭl-ĭ-nizm, an ĭlĭzm) [aniline, the indigo plant, + -ism] Chronic aniline poisoning. Findings include intermittent heart block, muscular weakness, cyanosis, and dizziness or vertigo.


(an′ĭ-mă) [L. anima, breath, soul] 1. A person's inner self; his or her soul. 2. In Jungian psychology, an individual's inner self as distinguished from the external personality. SEE: persona. 3. In Jungian psychology, the feminine inner personality present in men. SEE: animus.


(an′ĭ-măl) [L. animalis, living] 1. A member of the kingdom Animalia. 2. Any animal other than a human being. 3. Pert. to an animal.

assistance a. Service a.

cold-blooded a. An animal whose body temperature varies according to the temperature of the environment. SYN: ectotherm; poikilotherm.

control a. In medical research involving the use of animals, an animal that is not treated, but is housed and cared for under the same conditions as the treated animal(s). SEE: control (2).

service a. Any animal (often a dog) specially trained to assist a person who is blind, deaf, or disabled in some way. SYN: assistance a.

warm-blooded a. An animal whose body temperature remains constant regardless of the temperature of the environment. SYN: endotherm.


(an″ĭ-mā′lē-ă) [L. animalia, pl of animal, animal] In taxonomy, the kingdom of unicellular and multicellular eukaryotic organisms that require oxygen and organic foods, are incapable of photosynthesis, have limited growth, and are capable of voluntary movement and sensation. SEE: kingdom; Plantae.


(an″ĭ-mā′shŏn) [L. animatio, bestowal of life, quickening] State of being alive or active.

suspended a. Temporary cessation of vital functions with loss of consciousness; state of apparent death.


(ăn′ĭ-mă-tĭzm) [animate + -ism] Attribution of, an impersonal ...

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