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sterile vaginal exam.


(sved′bĕrg″) [Theodor Svedberg, Swedish chemist, 1884–1971] ABBR: S. The sedimentation rate of a centrifuged particle, esp. a large molecule such as a protein. One Svedberg equals 10-13 s.


mixed venous oxygen saturation.


stroke volume variability.


(swob) 1. Cotton or gauze on the end of a slender stick, used for cleansing cavities, applying remedies, or obtaining a piece of tissue or secretion for bacteriological examination. 2. To wipe with a swab.

urethral s. A slender cotton-tipped applicator used to collect a specimen, treat ulcers, or remove secretions. The male urethral swab is a rod about 7 in. (17.8 cm) long.

flocked s. A specimen collection device to which short filaments have been applied adhesively. It is used in place of other swabs to increase the yield of bacteria or viruses from epidermal or mucosal surfaces.

uterine s. A slender flattened wire, a plain rod, or one with coarse thread on the distal end for absorbing or wiping away discharges.


(swod′ling) Wrapping an infant in soft materials to restrain reflex body movements and help the child to rest and sleep. It is a traditional practice used in the care of fussy or hyperactive infants, on whom it appears to have a calming effect on reflex motor activity.

image Swaddled infants may occasionally suffer hyperthermia. In addition, the impact of swaddling on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) may depend on the materials used and the position of the infant after his or her movements are restrained.


(swod′ĕl), v.


(swāj) [Fr. souage, decorative border] 1. To shape metal, esp. around something in order to make a close fit. 2. Fusing a suture to a needle.


(swāj′ĕr) A dental tool for shaping silver amalgam or gold by applying pressure from different directions simultaneously.

Swain, Mary Ann Price

(swān) A U.S. nursing theorist who, along with Helen Erickson and Evelyn Tomlin, developed and published the grand nursing theory of Modeling and Role Modeling. SEE: Theory of Modeling and Role Modeling.


(swăl′ō) [AS. swelgan] To cause or enable the passage of something from the mouth through the throat and esophagus into the stomach by muscular action. SYN: deglutition.


(swăl′ō-ĭng) A complicated act, usually initiated voluntarily but always ...

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