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sclero-, sclera-, scler-

[Gr. sklēros, hard] Prefixes meaning hard.


(sklĕ″rō-kor′nē-ă) [″ + L.corneus, horny] The sclera and cornea together considered as one coat.


(sklĕr″ō-dăk-tĭl′ē-ă) [″ + daktylos, a finger] Induration of the skin of the fingers and toes. SYN: acroscleroderma.


(sklĕr″ŏ-dĕr′mă) [sclero- + derma] A chronic manifestation of progressive systemic sclerosis in which the skin is taut, firm, and edematous, limiting movement. SYN: dermatosclerosis. SEE: progressive systemic sclerosis. sclerodermatous, adj.

circumscribed s. Localized patches of linear sclerosis of the skin. There is no systemic involvement, and the course of the disease is usually benign.

s. neonatorum Sclerema neonatorum.


(sklĕ″rō-jĕn′ĭk) [″ + gennan, to produce] Causing sclerosis or hardening of tissue. SYN: sclerogenous.


(sklĕr″ō-kĕr-ă-tī′tĭs) [″ + keras, horn, + itis, inflammation] Cellular infiltration with inflammation of the sclera and cornea. SYN: sclerokeratosis.


(sklĕ-rō′mă) [″ + oma, tumor] An indurated, circumscribed area of granulation tissue in the mucous membrane or skin. SEE: sclerosis.


(sklĕ″rō-mā-lā′sē-ă) [Gr. skleros, hard, + malakia, softening] A softening of the sclera.

s. perforans A severe form of necrotizing anterior scleritis usually found in patients with an underlying systemic inflammatory illness, e.g., rheumatoid arthritis.


(sklĕr″ō-mĭk″sē-dē′mă) [″ + myxa, mucus, + oidema, swelling] A systemic form of papular mucinosis (also known as lichen myxedematosus), in which a scleroderma-like rash is accompanied by lesions of visceral organs and often paraproteinemia.


(sklĕ′rō-plăs″tē) [″ + plassein, to form] Plastic surgery of the sclera.


(sklĕ″rō-prō′tē-ĭn) [″ + protos, first] A group of proteins noted for their insolubility in most chemicals; found in skeletal tissue, cartilage, hair, and nails and in animal claws and horns.


(sklĕ-rō′sănt) [sclero-] Something that produces sclerosis. SYN: sclerosing solution.


(sklĕ-rōs′) [Gr. skleros, hard] To become hardened. sclerosing, scle-rosed, adj.


(sklĕ-rō′sĭs) [Gr. sklērōsis, hardening] A hardening or induration of an organ or tissue, esp. one due to excessive growth of fibrous tissue. SEE: arteriosclerosis; cerebrosclerosis. sclerotic (-rot ik), adj.

amyotrophic lateral s. ABBR: ALS. Motor neuron disease.

annular s. Sclerosis in which a hardened substance forms a band about the spinal cord.

arterial s. Arteriosclerosis.


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