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problem-oriented medical record.


(pŏn′dĕr-ăl) [L. pondus, weight] Relating to weight.


(ponz, pon′tēz″) pl. pontes [L. pons, stem pont-, bridge] 1. The rostral segment of the hindbrain, under the cerebellum. The pontine hindbrain has two major parts: the pontine tegmentum, which extends ventrally from the gray matter along the floor of the fourth ventricle to the longitudinal axons of the corticospinal tracts; the pons proper, which is the ventral half of the pontine hindbrain and contains axons of the corticospinal tract, pontine nuclei, and the axons from the pontine nuclei. 2. The ventral half of the pontine hindbrain, comprising axons of the corticospinal tract and the pontine nuclei. SYN: pons varolii.


(pŏn′tĭk) [L. pons, pontis, bridge] An artificial tooth set in a bridge.


(pŏn′tēl) Pert. to the pons varolii.


(pon′tīn″) [L. pons, stem pont-, bridge] Pert. to the pons varolii.


(pool) 1. To mix blood from several donors. 2. The accumulation of blood in a body site. 3. A source of similar substances or cells.

amino acid p. The amino acids available for protein synthesis at any given time; the liver regulates the blood level of amino acids based on tissue needs and converts excess amino acids to carbohydrates for energy production.

gene p. The sum of the genetic material in the members of a specified population.

metabolic p. All of the chemical compounds included in metabolic processes in the body.

risk p., high-risk p. In health insurance, a group of individuals who have severe and costly illnesses, making them undesirable members of traditional health insurance plans.

vaginal p. The mucus and cells that are present in the posterior fornix of the vagina when the patient is in a supine position. Material obtained from this site is used in cancer detection and in evaluating the character of the vaginal fluid in investigating infertility problems.

pooled analysis



pattern of practice; pelvic organ prolapse.

Popeye sign

(pop′ī″) A bulging of the body of the biceps brachii muscle that results from rupture of the muscle's tendon. It superficially resembles an exaggerated attempt to flex the biceps muscle. SEE: illus.





popliteal entrapment syndrome

Cramping of the calf muscles after exercise or during ...

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