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phall-, phallo-

[Gr. phallos, penis] Prefix meaning penis.


(făl′ĭk) Pert. to the penis.


(fă-loyd′ĭn) A poisonous peptide from the mushroom Amanita phalloides. Ingestion of this can cause death from fulminant hepatic failure.


(făl′ ŭs) [Gr. phallos, penis] 1. The penis. 2. An artificial penis, used as a symbol. 3. Embryonic structure developing at the tip of the genital tubercle that in the male develops into the penis and in the female, the clitoris.

phanero-, phaner-

[Gr. phaneros, visible] Prefixes meaning evident, visible.


(fant′ă-sē) SEE: fantasy.


(fant′ ŏm) [Ultimately fr Gr. phantasma, image, vision] 1. An apparition; phantasm. 2. A model of the body or of a body part.


The colloquial name for the pharmaceutical industry. The largest companies in the industry, in terms of market capitalization, are sometimes referred to as "Big Pharma."


(făr′mă-kăl) [Gr. pharmakon, drug] Pert. to pharmacy.


(făr-mă-sū′tĭ-kăl) [Gr. pharmakeutikos] Pert. to drugs or pharmacy.

pharmaceutical clean room

Acontrolled, typically aseptic environment within a pharmacy in which the concentration of airborne particles is reduced by particle filtration and by air locks or positive pressure ventilation and in which surfaces are easily cleaned or decontaminated. It is used to compound sterile drugs and infusions for dispensing. Operators within the clean room wear gowns, hoods, and masks to avoid shedding cellular debris.


(făr-mă-sū′tĭks) Pharmacy (1).


(făr′mă-sĭst) [Gr. pharmakon, drug] A druggist; one licensed to prepare and dispense drugs. SYN: apothecary.


[Gr. pharmakon, drug] Prefix meaning drug, medicine.


(făr″mă-kō-dī-năm′ ĭks) [″ + dynamis, power] The study of drugs and their actions on living organisms.


(făr′mă-kō-ĕ-pĭ-dĕm-ē-ŏl″ō-jē) The application of the science of epidemiology to the study of the effects of drugs, desired and undesired, and uses of drugs in human populations.


(făr″mă-kō-jĕn-ĕt′ĭks) [″ + genesis, generation, birth] The study of the influence of hereditary factors on the response of individual organisms to drugs.


(făr″mă-kō-jĕ-nŏm′ĭks, -nōm′) The study of the effects of genetic differences among people and the impact that these differences have on the uptake, effectiveness, ...

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