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pertussis vaccine

SEE: under vaccine.

per vaginam

(per vă-jī′năm) [L.] Through the vagina.


(pĕr-vā′ sĭv) [L. pervadere, to go through] Spreading widely and deeply; affecting all aspects of something.

pervasive developmental disorder

A synonym for the autism spectrum of disorders, e.g., "classical" autism, Asperger disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder (regressive autism), and Rett syndrome.


(pĕr-vĕr′zhŏn) [L. perversio, a turning around] Deviation from the normal as regards one's intellect, emotions, actions, or reactions.

sexual p. A maladjustment of sexual behavior in which satisfaction is sought in ways that veer far from accepted cultural norms.


(pĕr-vĕrt′) [L. pervetere, to turn the wrong way] 1. To turn from the normal; to misuse. 2. One who has turned from the normal or socially acceptable path, esp. sexually.


(pĕr′vē-ŭs) [L. pervius] 1. Permeable. 2. Penetrating.


(pēz, pē′dēz″) pl. pedes [L. pes, stem ped-, foot] The foot or a footlike structure.

p. anserinus 1. The network of branches of the facial nerve as it passes through the parotid gland 2. The combined tendinous expansions of the sartorius, gracilis, and semitendinosus muscles at the medial border of the tibial tuberosity. SEE: illus.





p. cavus Talipes arcuatus.

p. equinovarus A condition in which the heel is turned inward and the foot is plantar flexed.

p. planus Flatfoot.

p. valgus Talipes valgus.

p. varus Talipes varus.


(pes′ă-rē) [L. pessarium, suppository] A device inserted into the vagina to function as a supportive structure for the uterus. A pessary may be inserted to treat symptomatic uterine displacements. After manually repositioning the uterus, the physician inserts the appropriate-size device; a woman should not feel a well-fitted pessary. Pessaries should be removed and cleaned frequently; however, this requires manual dexterity and is difficult for older patients. Use of an antibacterial cream or gel will help decrease odor. Unless discomfort arises, the device is removed about 6 weeks later. If relief and anteversion occur, no further treatment is necessary. If not, the pessary is reinserted for another 6 weeks.

cup p. A pessary that has a cupshaped hollow that fits over the os uteri. It is used to treat a mild uterine prolapse.

diaphragm p. A cup-shaped rubber pessary used as a contraceptive device.


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