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(per″ē-ō-don-tol′ŏ-jē) [peri- + odonto- + -logy] The branch of dentistry dealing with treatment of diseases of the periodontium. periodontologist (per″ē-ō-don-tol′ŏ-jist), n. SYN: periodontia; periodontics. SEE: periodontium.


(per″ē-ō-ŏ-for″ŏ-sal″pĭn-jīt′ĭs) [peri- + oophorosalpingitis] Perithecal salpingitis. SYN: perioothecosalpingitis.


(pĕr-ē-ŏp′ĕr-ă-tĭv) Occurring in the period immediately before, during, and/or after surgery.


(per″ē-or′ăl) [peri- oral] Surrounding the mouth. SYN: circumoral.


(per″ē-or′bĭt-ă) [peri- + orbit] Connective tissue lining the socket of the eye.


(per″ē-or′bĭt-ăl) Surrounding the socket of the eye. SYN: circumorbital.


(pĕr″ē-or″bĭ-tī′tĭs) [″ + L. orbita, orbit, + Gr. itis, inflammation] Inflammation of the periorbita.


(per-ē-os′tē-ŭm) [L. periosteum, periosteon, fr. Gr. periosteon, surrounding the bone] The fibrous membrane that forms the covering of bones except at their articular surfaces. It consists of a dense external layer containing numerous blood vessels and an inner layer of connective tissue cells that function as osteoblasts when the bone is injured and also participate in new bone formation. Periosteum serves as a supporting structure for blood vessels nourishing bone and for attachment of tendons and ligaments.

periostitis, periosteitis

(per″ē-os-tīt′ĭs, per″ē-ost″ē-īt′ĭs) [periosteum + -itis] Inflammation of the periosteum. Findings include pain over the affected part, esp. under pressure; fever; sweats; leukocytosis; skin inflammation, and rigidity of overlying muscles. Infectious diseases, esp. syphilis, and trauma cause this condition. SYN: osteoperiostitis; periosteitis.

albuminous p. Periostitis with albuminous serous fluid exudate beneath the membrane affected.

alveolar p. Periodontitis.

diffuse p. Periostitis of the long bones.

hemorrhagic p. Periostitis with extravasation of blood under the periosteum.


(pĕr″ē-ŏs-tō′sĭs) [″ + ″ + osis, condition] A bony neoplasm around a bone or arising from it.


(per-ē-ō′tĭk) [peri- + otic] Surrounding the ear, esp. the internal ear.


(per″i-pap′ĭ-ler″ē) [peri- + papillary] Surrounding a papilla.


(pĕr″ĭ-pă-tĕt′ĭk) [L. peripateticus, to walk about while teaching] Moving from place to place.


(per″i-fă-rin′j(ē-)ăl) [peri- + pharyngeal] Surrounding the pharynx.


(pĕ-rif′(ĕ-)răl) [peripher(y) + -al] Pert. to or located at the periphery; away from ...

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