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(mă-choo′tĭ-năl) [L. matutinalis, pert. to the morning] Pert. to morning or occurring early in the day, as morning sickness.


(mak-sil′ă, mak-sil′ē″, mak-sil ī″) pl. maxillae [L. maxilla, jawbone] A paired bone with several processes that forms most of the upper face, roof of the mouth, sides of the nasal cavity, and floor of the orbit; the upper jaw. The alveolar process of the maxilla supports the teeth. SEE: skull for illus; skeleton.


(mak′sĭ-ler″ē) Pert. to the maxilla (upper jaw).


(mak-sil″ō-dent′ăl) [maxilla + dental] Pert. to the maxilla and the teeth it supports.


(mak-sil″ō-fā′shăl) [maxilla + facial] Pert. to the maxilla and face.


(mak-sil″ō-man-dib′ yŭ-lăr) [maxilla + mandibular] Pert. to the maxilla and mandible.


(mak-sil″ō-pal′ă-tīn″) [maxilla + palatine] Pert. to the maxilla and palatine bone.


(măk″sĭ-lŏt′ō-mē) [″ + Gr. tome, incision] Surgical incision of the maxilla.

maximal oxygen uptake

SEE: maximum aerobic capacity.


(măksĭ-mūm) pl. maxima [L. maximus, greatest] 1. The greatest quantity or effect. 2. Height of a disease. maximal (-măl), adj.

maximum allowable concentration

SEE: under concentration.

maximum breathing capacity

ABBR: MBC. The greatest amount of air that can be breathed in a specified period, usually 15 sec. It is expressed in liters of air per minute.

maximum lifespan

1. The age of the oldest known member of a species. 2. The theoretical age that any organism, drug, or structure can survive intact. The term is sometimes used in geriatrics for the maximum lifespan potential of an individual or, in pharmacology, for the effective shelf life of a drug.

maximum tolerated dose

SEE: under dose.

mayapple, Mayapple, May apple

Podophyllum peltatum.

Mayer hemalum

(mī′ĕr hē-māl′ŭm) A histological stain made from aluminum ions and oxidized hematoxylin that highlights chromatin and nucleoli by coloring them blue.

Mayer reflex

(mī′ĕr) [Karl Mayer, Austrian neurologist, 1862–1932] Opposition and adduction of the thumb, flexion at the metacarpophalangeal joint, and extension at the interphalangeal joint in response to downward pressure on the index finger.

Mayer wave

(mī'ĕr) [Siegmund Mayer, Ger. physiologist and histologist, 1842–1910] A low-frequency oscillation in arterial blood pressure. This wave reflects ...

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