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Part VIII: Special Considerations: Introduction

The final section of this book provides information on a variety of medical conditions and environmental challenges that are likely to be encountered by health and fitness professionals as they work with clients. Chapter 27 describes many of the risk factors that predispose individuals to developing cardiovascular and/or metabolic disease. Collectively referred to as cardiometabolic disorders, research has shown that proper nutritional and exercise strategies are effective in helping to control or even reverse many of these conditions. Chapter 28 covers a variety of medical conditions for which it has been shown that properly supervised exercise can provide a therapeutic benefit. Exercising at altitude, underwater, and in a polluted environment are covered in Chapter 29. Each of these environmental challenges poses specific physiological changes that must be understood in order for you to safely program exercise for clients. The latest practical guidelines are presented so that clients can maximize their enjoyment when they exercise in these conditions.

Chapter 30 presents information relative to a wide variety of exercise-related injuries that are commonly seen in physically active individuals. Many of your clients are likely to have either acute or chronic injuries that must be taken into consideration as you develop and implement their workout programs. Steps to avoid injuries and ways in which to safely progress individuals through the recovery process are focuses of this chapter.

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