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This chapter was designed with the primary care health provider in mind. However, in certain situations most health care providers and nurses may find this chapter useful. In caring for patients, we find that unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are becoming increasingly important as a preventable cause of disease and disability and should be addressed on a regular basis.

Under the nutrition section, you will find not only questions on nutrition behaviors, but patient teaching on various commonly prescribed diets as well (low sodium, low fat, diabetic, etc.). Often, as a consequence of language barriers, patients come away from an encounter with their health care provider with an incomplete understanding of what foods are appropriate for their particular medical condition.

Exercise is also an often neglected topic, for any population. But even just a small increase in exercise can have major impacts on health and disease. Again, in this section, you will find questions on exercise behaviors as well as patient teaching on exercise prescriptions.

Prevention covers the questions on health promotion and disease prevention. This section also covers basic screening tests for the general population, as well as gender-specific screening questions.


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Do you drink coffee?

¿Toma usted café?

¿Consume usted café?

¿Bebe usted café?

  • Regular?

  • ¿Café con cafeína (regular)?

  • Decaf?

  • ¿Descafeinado?

  • How many cups a day?

  • ¿Cuántas tazas al día?

Do you drink tea?

¿Toma usted te?

¿Consume usted te?

¿Bebe usted te?

Do you drink alcohol?

¿Toma usted alcohol?

¿Consume usted alcohol?

¿Bebe usted alcohol?

  • Beer?

  • ¿Cerveza?

  • Wine?

  • ¿Vino?

  • Hard liquor?

  • ¿Licores fuertes?

  • How much in a day/week/month (ounces/cans/bottles/glasses)?

  • ¿Cuánto toma al día/semana/mes (onzas/latas/botellas/copas)?

Do you drink sodas?

¿Toma usted refrescos?

¿Bebe usted sodas?

¿Consume usted sodas?

  • Regular?

  • ¿Regular?

  • Diet?

  • ¿De dieta?

  • Caffeinated?

  • ¿Con cafeína?

  • Caffeine free?

  • ¿Sin cafeína?

  • How many a day?

  • ¿Cuántos por día?

How many glasses of water do you drink each day?

¿Cuántos vasos de agua usted toma por día?

¿Cuántos vasos de agua usted consume por día?

¿Cuántos vasos de agua usted bebe por día?

How many times a week do you eat …

¿Cuántas veces a la semana usted come …

  • fast food?

  • comida rápida?

  • fried food?

  • comida frita?

  • red meat?

  • carne roja?

  • fish?

  • pescado?

  • chicken?

  • pollo?

  • bacon?

  • tocino?

  • sausage?

  • embutidos?

  • chorizo?

  • salchichas?

Do you fry your foods?

¿Usted generalmente fríe su comida?

How many times a day do you eat …

¿Cuántas veces al día usted come …

  • fruit?

  • frutas?

  • vegetables?

  • vegetales?

How many meals a week do you eat out?

¿Cuántas comidas por semana usted consume fuera de su casa o en un restaurante?

¿Cuántas comidas por semana usted come fuera de su casa o en un restaurante?

  • Do you order …

  • ¿Usted ordena …

  • hamburgers?

  • hamburguesas?

  • fries?

  • papas fritas?

  • patatas fritas?

  • burritos?

  • burritos?

  • tacos?


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