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This chapter contains questions for those patients who fall outside the 18–65-year-old age range. Pediatric, geriatric, and obstetric patients all have special needs and issues that must be addressed.

Taking a pediatric history is often somewhat of a challenge since the clinician must ask the caregiver the questions. Special issues such as developmental milestones, home environment, and screening for certain symptoms are crucial for assessing a child’s or infant’s overall health status.

Geriatric medicine is now considered to be a subspecialty of internal medicine for the very reason that older patients have specific needs and risks that should be assessed and reassessed on a regular basis. For example, eyesight, hearing, and the ability to perform the activities of daily living all tend to decline as the patient ages, whereas fall risk and cognitive decline tend to increase.

And finally, evaluating an obstetric patient must include questions on obstetric history, risk factors, and specific symptoms to ensure a healthy delivery.

Use the questions in these sections as needed as an adjunct to the other chapters.


Age Dependent: Dependiendo en la Edad

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Al nacer

How many weeks were you pregnant?

¿Cuántas semanas estuvo usted embarazada?

¿Cuántas semanas estuvo usted encinta?

Did you smoke during pregnancy?

¿Usted fumó durante su embarazo?

Use illegal drugs?

¿Usted utilizó drogas ilegales?

¿Usted usó drogas ilegales

Use alcohol?

¿Tomó bebidas alcohólicas?

Was the delivery natural?

¿Su parto fue natural?

Was the delivery induced?

¿Su parto fue inducido?

Were there any complications with the delivery?

¿Tuvo usted alguna complicación con su parto?

  • Was it a breech birth (feet first)?

  • ¿Salió el bebe de pie?

  • Did you have a cesarean?

  • ¿Tuvo usted una cesárea?

  • Did they use forceps?

  • ¿Utilizaron fórceps?

  • ¿Usaron pinzas?

Was the baby normal at birth?

¿El niño/a salió normal?

How much did the baby weigh at birth?

¿Cuanto pesó el niño/a al nacer?

  • Pounds and ounces?

  • ¿Libras y onzas?



Was the baby’s color good after birth?

¿El color del niño/a estaba bien después de nacer?

Did she/he need oxygen?

¿Ella/el necesitó oxígeno al nacer?

Did she/he have problems with breathing?

¿Él/ella tuvo problemas respirando al nacer?

Did she/he have a strong cry?

¿Él/ella lloró fuerte al nacer?

Did she/he have a weak cry?

¿Él/ella lloró débil al nacer?

Did she/he have any illnesses at birth?

¿Él/ella tuvo alguna enfermedad al nacer?

  • Did she/he have jaundice (yellow skin)?

  • ¿Ella/él tuvieron ictericia?

  • ¿Él/ella tuvieron piel amarilla?

How many days/weeks/months was the baby in the hospital after birth?

¿Cuánto tiempo estuvo el niño/a en el hospital después de nacer?


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Is the baby breast-fed?

¿Le están dando el ...

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