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I wish to gratefully acknowledge all the people whose support, assistance, and encouragement went into the making of this book. I would like to express my gratitude first and foremost to my co-author Ticiano Alegre, my teacher, colleague, and friend.

My appreciation and thanks go out to all the incredible people at F.A. Davis who worked so hard on making this book a reality, and more specifically to the following: Yvonne Gillam, who helped create the podcasts; George Lang, whose support and encouragement were unlimited; Andy McPhee, who decided to take a chance on the concept (and us!); and Robyn Alvarez, for her painstaking work on editing the manuscript and really helping us put it all together and make it look like a book. I really cannot thank them enough. And I cannot forget to thank all my Spanish-speaking patients who, over the years, have been gracious and good humored in allowing me to “practice” on them. And last, I owe a special thanks to Sandi, as always, for her input, advice, patience, and support. She is the best!

Tina M. Kaufman, PhD, PA-C


What can I say, what can I say. Many years ago I was studying for a midterm. It was late, I was tired, and I could not get a clear thought on what I was reading. I was thinking about someone, I was thinking about something, I was just thinking about everything. I kept asking myself questions about why and when and what. I remembered not coming up with any adequate answers. During a break, as I was heading out of the bathroom, I remembered looking into the mirror and at that instance I realized many things. I was very thankful to God, I was very thankful to my mother, I was very thankful to those who always support me and love me. Without them nothing could have been possible, nothing is currently possible, and nothing will be possible nor have meaning. Therefore, my love, my mind, and my ink goes to them, but especially to my patient wife and my inquisitive son, because they allow me to do what I do.

Ticiano Alegre, MD

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