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Paul Arnstein, RN, PhD, FNP

Associate Professor

Community Health Nursing

Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA


Hannah Kathleen Bomar, PA-S

Physician Assistant Student

Baylor College of Medicine

Allied Health Department

Houston, TX


Anna M. Choo, JD, MD

Resident Physician

Emory University

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Atlanta, GA


Yovana Coupey

Medical Spanish Program Coordinator

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Bronx, NY


Katherine M. Erdman, MPAS, PA-C

Assistant Director

Physician Assistant Program

Baylor College of Medicine

School of Allied Health Sciences

Houston, TX


Alejandro Garcia-Lemos, MA

General Manager

Comunicar Language and Consulting Services

Spanish Translation and Interpretation

Columbia, SC


Michele Iannuzzi Sucich, MD

Family Practitioner and Geriatrician

Private Practice

Poughkeepsie, NY


Ashlee Elizabeth Jontz, RN, BSN

Staff Nurse/Adult Nurse Practitioner Student

Good Samaritan Hospital

Arizona State University

Chandler, AZ


Naghmeh Khodai, MD

Resident Physician

Rush Medical Center

OB/Gynecology Department

Chicago, IL


V. Maloof, MD

Phlebotomy Program Director

Griffin Technical College

Griffin, GA


John Tobias Musser, MD


Emory University

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Atlanta, GA


Maurizio Najt

Medical Spanish Instructor

Albert Einstein School of Medicine

Bronx, NY


Diane E. Nuñez, MS, ANP-C, BC

Clinical Associate Professor

Arizona State University

College of Nursing and Healthcare


Phoenix, AZ


Megan Spears, RN, BSN

NP student

Arizona State University

Chandler, AZ


Daniel Wood, MPAS, PA-C

Clinical Assistant Professor

University of Texas Health Science

Center at San Antonio

Physician Assistant Studies

San Antonio, TX


Erica Young, PA-C

Medical Department

University of Texas Medical Branch

Houston, TX

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