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I thank the many people who have supported my efforts on this project since the seed was first planted. Thank you, Roger Nelson, for recruiting me onto an APTA task force to study outcomes in physical therapy. That started me on this jigsaw puzzle, and I am only now beginning to figure out where the edges are! Thank you to the FA Davis family: Jean-Francois Vilain, who first reached out to me about the idea for a book, and to Margaret Biblis and Jennifer Pine, who caught the project midair and helped to land it in its current form. Thank you to my friend and administrative mentor, Alma Merians, who found creative ways to support my phases of academic myopia needed to finish this book. Thank you to my faculty peers: our curricular discussions and the opportunities to teach my courses on Outcome Measurement and Management have informed the book’s scope and content. Thank you to the many students who have taken my courses, read drafts of these chapters, and provided valuable feedback. Thank you, George Gabriel, for agreeing to have your class assignment be used as an example.

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