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wound ballistics

The study of the effects on the body produced by penetrating projectiles.

wound disruption

Dehiscence (1).

wound healing

SEE: healing; inflammation.

wound VAC

Vacuum-assisted wound closure.


whole pertussis (vaccine).


A technique used in plastic surgery to prevent contractures in straightline scars. Either side of the wound edge is cut in the form of connected W’s, and the edges are sutured together in a zigzag fashion. SEE: tissue expansion, soft; Z-plasty.


(rap) 1. A covering, esp. one that is wound tightly around an object, as an elastic wrap or a compression wrap. 2. To wind a covering around an object.

compression w. An elastic bandage used to prevent or reduce the formation of edema. The wrap is applied starting distally; it uses overlapping spirals to progress proximally. Greater pressure is applied distally than proximally, creating a compression gradient that encourages venous and lymphatic return. SEE: illus.




Wright maneuver

(rīt) A physical finding in patients with thoracic outlet compression syndrome affecting the supply of blood to the arm. The radial pulse is palpated while the shoulder is abducted and externally rotated (without altering the normal resting position of the head or neck). A reduction in the pulse with reproduction of the patient’s shoulder or arm symptoms is suggestive of obstruction of the subclavian or axillary artery.

Wright stain

(rīt) [James H. Wright, U.S. pathologist, 1871–1928] A combination of eosin and methylene blue used in staining blood cells to reveal malarial parasites and to differentiate white blood cells.


(rĭng′kl) [AS. gewrinclian, to wind] 1. A crevice, furrow, or ridge in the skin. 2. To make creases or furrows, as in the skin by habitual frowning.

wrinkle test

A test of sensibility following complete transection of or damage to peripheral nerves based on the characteristic sympathetic response of skin following extended immersion in water. SEE: nerve.

Wrisberg, Heinrich August

(riz′bĕrg″, vris′berk″) Ger. anatomist, 1739–1808.

W. ganglion Cardiac ganglia.


(rist) The joint or region between the hand and the forearm. SEE: hand for illus.; skeleton.


(rist′band″) 1. A unique patient identification device secured around a patient’s limb.

image To avoid patient misidentification, a wristband should include the patient’s last and first name; ...

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