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vaccine adverse event reporting system

ABBR: VAERS. A national surveillance system for monitoring undesirable reactions to administered vaccines.

vaccine extraimmunization

(ek″stră-im″yŭ-nĭ-zā′shŏn) Administration of excessive or repetitive doses of vaccines to children or adults, usually because of incomplete or inaccurate record keeping.

vaccine refusal

Unwillingness to allow oneself or a family member to be immunized against a preventable contagious disease, such as measles, mumps, rubella, or chickenpox. It occurs most often in people who fear adverse effects from vaccination, in people who have religious or philosophical objections to vaccination, and in people who have had allergies to a component of a vaccine.

vaccine safety datalink project

ABBR: VSD. A collaboration between the CDC and several major managed care organizations and health insurers to assess the effects of vaccinations on public health. The VSD has studied the effects of vaccination on autism, hair loss, thrombocytopenia, and neurological development in children. Website:

vaccine therapy

Injection of infectious organisms, particles, or antigens to produce active immunization against a disease. SYN: opsonic therapy.


(vak-sin′ē-ă) [vaccine + -ia] ABBR: VV. A contagious disease of cattle, produced in humans by inoculation with cowpox virus to confer immunity against smallpox. Papules form about the third day after vaccination, changing to umbilicated vesicles about the fifth day, and at the end of the first week becoming umbilicated pustules surrounded by red areolae. They dry and form scabs, which fall off about the second week, leaving a white pitted depression. SYN: cowpox; vaccina. SEE: vaccination; varicella; variola.

v. necrosum Spreading necrosis at the site of a smallpox vaccination; may be accompanied by similar necrotic areas elsewhere on the body. SYN: progressive v.

progressive v. v. necrosum.

vaccinia immune globulin

An immune globulin containing vaccinia-specific antibodies. It is used for dermal complications of vaccination for smallpox, i.e., severe eczema vaccinatum and progressive vaccinia. An intravenous formulation (IV-VIG) is now being produced and tested.


(vak-sin′ĭ-form″) [vaccinia + -form] Pert. to vaccinia (cowpox).

Vaccinium macrocarpon

(vak-sin′ē-ŭm mak″rō-kar′pŏn) [L. vaccinium, blueberry + macro- + Gr. karpos, fruit] SEE: cranberry.


(vak″sĭ-noj′ĕ-nŭs) [vaccine + -genous] Producing vaccine or pert. to its production.


(vak″sĭ-nol′ŏ-jē) [vaccine -logy] The science and technology of the development, administration, and use of vaccines.

reverse v. The development of vaccines based on computerized predictions of the immunogenic antigens that may be present on a bacterium or a virus.


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