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(ū′rō-krōm) [″ + chroma, color] The pigment that gives urine its characteristic color. It is derived from urobilin.


(ūr″ō-kort′ĭn) Any of a family of neuropeptides functionally related to corticotropin-releasing hormone that decrease appetite, delay gastric emptying, and decrease distal colonic motility.


(ūr″ŏ-dī-nam′iks) [uro- + dynamics] The study of the holding or storage of urine in the bladder, the facility with which it empties, and the rate of movement of urine out of the bladder through the urethra during micturition. urodynamic, adj.


(ūr′ŏ-flō″) [uro- + flow] The volume of urine voided in a specified period. Low flow rates associated with high bladder pressures occur in bladder outlet obstruction.


(ū″rō-flō′mē″tĕr) A device for recording urine flow; used to quantitate obstruction to urine flowing from the bladder.


(ūr″ō-flō′mĕ-trē) Timed measurement of the rate of urination. Uroflowmetry is used to diagnose conditions that result in slow urinary output, e.g., bladder outlet obstruction resulting from enlargement of the prostate gland. The maximal volume of urinary flow over time is called the Qmax. A Qmax of less than 10 mL of urine/sec is an indication of significantly reduced urinary output.


(ū″rō-găs′trōn) [″ + gaster, belly] A polypeptide present in urine that has an inhibitory effect on gastric secretion.


(ūr″ō-jen′ĭt-ăl) [uro- genital] Pert. to the urinary and reproductive organs; genitourinary.

urogenital system

Genitourinary system.


(ū-rŏj′ĕn-ŭs) [″ + gennan, to produce] 1. Producing urine. 2. Originating in urine.


(ū′rō-grăm) [″ + gramma, something written] A radiograph of the urinary tract.


(ū′rŏg′ră-fē) [Gr. ouron, urine, + graphein, to write] Radiography of the urinary tract after the introduction of a contrast medium.

ascending u. Urography in which the radiopaque contrast agent is injected into the bladder during cystoscopy. SYN: cystoscopic u.; retrograde u.

cystoscopic u. Ascending u.

descending u. Urography in which an injected contrast agent is excreted by the kidney and studied by x-ray examination during excretion. SYN: excretory u.; intravenous u.

excretory u. Descending u.

intravenous u. Descending u.

retrograde u. Ascending u.


(ū″rō-kĭ-nĕt′ĭk) [″ + kinesis, movement] Resulting reflexively from stimulation of the urinary organs.


(ūr′ŏ-lith″) [uro- + Gr. ...

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