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(trī″bō-lū″mĭ-nĕs′ĕns) [Gr. tribein, to rub, + L. lumen, light, + Fr. escence, continuing] Luminescence or sparks produced by friction or mechanical force applied to certain chemical crystals.


(trī-brō′mīd) [Gr. treis, three, + bromos, stench] A compound having three atoms of bromine in the molecule.


Acronym for trachoma and inclusion conjunctivitis. SEE: Chlamydia trachomatis.


(trī′kar″) A health insurance plan providing coverage to current and retired members of the U.S. armed forces. Website:


(trī′seps) [tri- + L. -ceps, -cipit-from caput, stem capit-, head] A muscle arising by three heads with a single insertion.

t. brachii The muscle of the posterior arm with three points of origin (one on the scapula, two on the humerus) and one insertion on the ulna. It extends the forearm and is controlled by the radial nerve. SEE: arm for illus.

t. skin fold The thickness of the skin including subcutaneous fat as measured on the skin over the triceps muscle of the arm. Comparison of the value obtained from a patient to standard values (or the comparison of this value with skin fold measures from other body areas) helps to provide an estimate of body fat. It is used in assessing and documenting both malnutrition and obesity.

t. surae The muscle group formed by the two heads of the gastrocnemius and the single head of the soleus muscles.


(trĭk-ăl′jē-ă) Pain caused by touching or moving the hair.


(trĭk-ī′ă-sĭs) [Gr. thrix, hair, + -iasis, condition] Inversion of eyelashes so that they rub against the cornea, causing a continual irritation of the eyeball. Symptoms are photophobia, lacrimation, and feeling of a foreign body in the eye. The condition is treated by cryotherapy, epilation, electrolysis, and operation, such as correcting the underlying entropion with which this condition is usually associated.


(trĭk″ĭ-lĕm-ō′mă) A benign tumor of the outer root sheath epithelium of a hair follicle.


(trĭk-ī′nă) [Gr. trichinos, of hair] Trichinella.


(trĭ-kī′nă) pl. trichinae A larval worm of the genus Trichinella.


(trik″ĭ-nel′ă) A genus of nematode worms belonging to the order Trichurida and the family Trichinellidae. They are parasitic in humans, hogs, rats, and many other mammals.

T. spiralis The species of Trichinella that commonly infests humans, causing trichinosis. Infection occurs when raw or improperly cooked meat, particularly pork and wild game, containing cysts is eaten. Larvae excyst in ...

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