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(throm″bō-spon′dĭn) ABBR: TSP. A glycoprotein that prevents cell-to-cell adhesion and angiogenesis. Thrombospondin is secreted by some parasites and may enhance their ability to cause disease. It is also found in malignant tumors, where it may block tumor growth and metastasis.


(thrŏm-bŏt′ĭk) [Gr. thrombos, clot] Related to, caused by, or of the nature of a thrombus.

thromboxane A2

(thrŏm-bŏk′sān) ABBR: TXA2. An unstable compound synthesized in platelets and other cells from a prostaglandin, PGH2. It acts to aggregate platelets, is a potent vasoconstrictor, and mediates inflammation. SEE: eicosanoid; prostaglandin; prostanoids.


(throm′bŭs, throm′bī″) pl. thrombi [Gr. thrombos, a clot] A blood clot that adheres to the wall of a blood vessel or organ. It may obstruct the vessel or organ in which it resides, preventing the flow of blood. Anticoagulants are used to prevent and treat this condition.

agonal t. A thrombus formed in the heart just at the time of death.

annular t. A thrombus whose circumference is attached to the walls of a vessel, with an opening still remaining in the center.

antemortem t. A thrombus formed in the heart or large vessels before death.

ball t. A round thrombus in the heart, esp. in the atria.

hyaline t. A thrombus having a glassy appearance, usually occurring in smaller blood vessels.

lateral t. Mural t.

mural t. A thrombus that forms on the wall of the heart, esp. along an immobile section of the heart damaged by myocardial infarction or cardiomyopathy. Such clots may occasionally embolize, causing stroke or organ damage. SYN: lateral t.; mural thrombosis; parietal t.

obstructing t. A thrombus completely occluding the lumen of a vessel.

occluding t. A thrombus that completely closes the vessel.

organized t. A thrombus containing fibrous tissue that may be structured into layers. Tiny blood vessels may course through the clot.

parietal t. Mural t.

postmortem t. A thrombus formed in the heart or a large blood vessel after death.

progressive t. Propagated t.

propagated t. A thrombus that increases in size. SYN: progressive t.

stratified t. A thrombus composed of layers.

white t. A pale thrombus in any site, made up principally of platelets.


(throo′pŭt″) 1. In hospital management, the sum of the services provided by a health care institution per unit of time. It includes the number of patients treated, admitted, and discharged; the total ...

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