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(thĕr″ă-pū′tĭks) [Gr. therapeutike, treatment] That branch of medicine concerned with the application of remedies and the treatment of disease.

therapeutic use of self

A health care provider’s use of verbal and nonverbal communication, emotional exchange, and other aspects of his or her personality to establish a relationship with the patient that promotes cooperation and healing.


(thĕr′ă-pĭst) [Gr. therapeia, treatment] A person skilled in giving therapy, usually in a specific field of health care. Particular therapists are listed under the first word. SEE: e.g., occupational therapist; physical therapist; respiratory therapist.


(ther′ă-pē) [Gr. therapeia, healing, treatment] Treatment. Particular therapies are listed under the first word. SEE: e.g., hormone replacement therapy; occupational therapy; physical therapy.


(ther″ĭ-dī′ĭ-dē″) [Theridion, the type genus + -idae] A family of small poisonous spiders that contains the genus Lactrodectus, which includes the black widow spider. SEE: Latrodectus.


(thĕrm) [Gr. thermē, heat] Any of several units of heat. SEE: MET.


(thĕr′măl) [therm- + -al] 1. Pert. to or caused by heat or temperature. SYN: thermic. 2. Aiding the retention of heat.

thermal ablation

Destruction of tissue by heating it (as with a microwave or radiofrequency energy) to temperatures at which cells cannot survive.

thermal balloon

One of several techniques used to remove the endometrial lining of the uterus. An expandable sac is placed inside the uterus, filled with hot fluid, and pressurized. The hot, pressurized sac destroys the endometrial lining. The technique is used to treat excessive uterine bleeding.

thermal diffusion flowmetry

ABBR: TDF. Continuous measurement of regional cerebral blood flow, e.g., in areas of the brain as they are operated upon. It is used to monitor and thus prevent focal brain injury.

thermal spread

The dissemination of heat to neighboring tissues from the tissue to which it has been applied. Thermal spread is a variable that may complicate electrosurgery, laser surgery, or radiofrequency ablation.


(thĕr′mik) [therm- + -ic] Thermal (1).

thermic effect of food

ABBR: TEF. The increase in the body’s metabolic rate that is produced by the consumption, digestion, metabolism, and storage of food. Foods with relatively low thermic effects include most carbohydrates, since carbohydrates, esp. sugars, cost the body relatively little energy to digest and metabolize. Protein-rich meals have a higher TEF, which is the rationale for low-carbohydrate diets, such as the Atkins and South ...

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