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tennis toe

SEE: under toe.


[Irregular formation fr. Gr. tenōn, stem tenont-, tendon] Prefix meaning tendon. SEE: tenont-.


(ten′ŏ-sīt″) [teno- + -cyte] Any of the fibroblasts of white fibrous connective tissue of tendons that are arranged in parallel rows. SYN: tendon cell.


(ten-ŏ-dē′sĭs) [Gr. tenon, tendon, + desis, a binding] 1. Surgical fixation of a tendon. Usually a tendon is transferred from its initial point of origin to a new origin in order to restore muscle balance to a joint, to restore lost function, or to increase active power of joint motion. 2. Flexing of the fingers through tendon action of the extrinsic finger flexor muscles when they are stretched across the wrist joint during wrist extension. This mechanism is used for functional grip in the quadriplegic individual when paralysis is due to loss below the sixth cervical vertebra. SEE: illus.




A. Passive insufficiency of finger extensors occurs when the wrist is flexed, causing the fingers to extend. B. Passive insufficiency of the finger flexors occurs when the wrist is extended, causing the fingers to flex.


(tĕn-ŏl′ĭ-sĭs) [″ + lysis, dissolution] Tendolysis.

Tenon, Jacques R.

(tĕ-nōn′) French surgeon, 1724–1816.

T. capsule A thin connective tissue envelope of the posterior eyeball behind the conjunctiva.

T. space Tissue fluid space between the sclera and the Tenon capsule. SYN: interfascial space.


[Gr. tenōn, stem tenont-, tendon] Prefix meaning tendon. SEE: teno-.


(tĕn′ĕr-mĭn″) SEE: atenolol.


(ten″ō-sin″ŏ-vīt′ĭs) [teno- + synovia + -itis] An inflammation of a tendon sheath. SYN: tendosynovitis; tendovaginitis.

t. hyperplastica Painless swelling of extensor tendons over the wrist joint.

de Quervain t. SEE: under de Quervain, Fritz.


(tĕ-nŏt′ō-mē) Surgical section of a tendon. SYN: tendotomy.

percutaneous needle t. Passing a needle through the skin into a tendon to stimulate it to heal. SYN: dry needling; microtenotomy.

ultrasonic t. Percutaneous needling of a tendon using ultrasound imaging to identify the target tissue and direct needle placement.


transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.


(tĕns) 1. Tight, rigid. 2. Anxious, under mental stress.

tensile strength

(ten′sĭl) [L. ...

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