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(tĕl′ē-ō-mawrf″, tēl′) [″ + G. morphe, form] The sexual state of a fungus (the state in which two fungal nuclei unite and undergo meiosis, forming offspring with new genetic information). Fungi that have teleomorphic states are said to be “perfect” fungi. Fungi that reproduce asexually are said to be “imperfect.” teleomorphic (tĕl″ē-ō-mawrf’ĭk, tēl″), adj. SEE: anamorph.


(tel″ē-on′ŏ-mē) [1tel- + Gr. nomos, usage, custom, law] The concept that, in an organism or animal, the existence of a structure, capability, or function indicates that it had survival value. teleonomic (tĕel″ē-ō-nom′ik), adj.


(tĕl″ē-ŏp′ĕr-āt″or) A machine or device operated by a person at a distance. Such a machine allows tasks to be done deep in the ocean or on orbiting satellites, and allows radioactive materials to be manipulated without danger of exposure to the radioactivity.


(tel″ĕ-pă-thol′ŏ-jē) [tele- + pathology] The use of computing and telecommunications networks to share digital images of tissue specimens.


(tĕ-lep′ă-thē) [tele- + -pathy] The paranormal ability to communicate with others without word, i.e., by broadcasting one’s thoughts or by receiving the transmitted thoughts of others. Claims of telepathic powers are typical of patients with psychoses and of some shamans. SYN: telesthesia. telepath (tel′ĕ-path″), n.; telepathic (tel″ĕ-path′ik), adj. SEE: paranormal.


(tĕ-lĕf′ŏ-nē) Telephone technology, i.e., the electronic transmission of voice, fax, or other information between distant parties using a handheld device containing both a speaker or transmitter and a receiver.


(tĕl′ĕ-prĕ-zĭns) Virtual attendance rather than physical attendance, i.e., the presence of a person or thing that is brought about by technological means such as telephone, video, or other electronic devices.


(tĕl″ĕ-rā-dē-ŏg′ră-fē) Radiography with the radiation source about 2 m (61⁄2 ft) from the body. Because the rays are virtually parallel at that distance, distortion is minimized. SYN: teleroentgenography.


(tĕl″ĕ-rā-dē-ŏl′ō-jē) The transmission of an x-ray image to a distant center where it may be interpreted by a radiologist.


(tel″ĕ-rē″hă-bil″ĭ-tā′shŏn) [tele- + rehabilitation] The use of internet or telecommunications to provide physical, occupational, or speech therapy to patients in their homes.


(tĕl′ĕ-sŭr′jĕr-ē) [″ + ″] Surgery performed from a remote location, using robotically controlled instruments. Visual, auditory, tactile, and other feedback is provided electronically to the surgeon. SYN: remote surgery.


(tĕl-ĕ-thĕr′ă-pē) [Gr. tele, distant, + therapeia, treatment] Cancer treatment in which the radiation source is placed outside the body.

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